A Birthday Day

Even now as I count

and even though

it may be the wrong day

I still want to come

and sweep love into your life.

The 7th or 8th

it doesn’t matter much anyway,

I love

you equally on both days.

It’s in the touch of falling

feeling this amazing ache

here on your special day

where I am allowed to watch.

Watching every tiny little wish

laid on your lap to unfold,

the gifts are pretty memories now

I can’t help the fact

that today or yesterday

you’re just a little bit older.

A wise girl for sure,

it’s difficult to share,

just how perfect your birthday day

is to me.

I’m excited

like truly happy

to share in

your thousand little secrets.

Your finite rituals

where we bend into magical shapes

that show just how much

we really love each other and

the best comes at night.

Down on pretty knees

you kiss to please

here on your birthday day

where we’re transformed into

starlit lovers.

Slowly taking our royal names

we place the appropriate pieces

atop each other.

The most amazing of outfits

outlined and  embedded

with precious gilded jewels

barely covering the curves

shoulders  exposed.

Reckless and accidental

we leave identical marks

roughly gripping on to the other

tied tightly to the corners

with a wide eyed smile

soothing the deep body ache.

Just as the clock releases the day

and the hands turn

to the 9th

I count myself  blessed.

I start counting down

the time in months again.

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