Pay The Price

The triangle

she dug without ever knowing, 

she wanted to do everything

exactly perfect

so there were no more slip-ups.

The edge she clung to

closes earlier and earlier each year,

but with each new month

the expectations grew.

The weight of just getting by

the downward pressure

having to balance

out of control cards

the minimum payment

seemed all she could ever make.

From one hand,

to the next,

to the other

just as quick as that

numbers passed from one account

to the next.

She cried.

With one real tryout

a remarkable wish she whispered

not knowing when the ax

would eventually fall.

That one final decisive blow

to end all questions.

With one option,

worse than the next,

she sold a percentage of herself.

That next morning

was unlike all the rest

the weighted expectations were simply removed.

In complete and total disbelief

she realized

there won’t be any questions or calls

she  must of checked her balances

a million different times.

She had been saved

and for the first real time

she prayed to someone.

A weightlessness in her mind

she received the biggest gift.

Finally free to drift and float

she swears

each new purchase

will be made with purpose

making sure

never to fall back

in that dark hole.


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