Fresh Set of Eyes

Without ever having to look

it was easy to see why this time

she was the one girl,

unlike the rest.  

There was never a need to

have that type of discussion,

where things had to be spelled out

she already knew

without ever asking.

A refreshing quench for sure,

the drought has taken its toll.

Age, youth and beauty

are logical triggers or answers for sure.

This kind of girl

doesn’t want to hide or deny

the way she wishes to be felt inside.

Just like that,

it was a fresh set of eyes

staring back at him now.

Each new night  that he’s been with her

it’s been this little cherished state

without ever needing to ask her

to adjust the temperament of their room.

It’s like,

she already knows

without asking

just how tepid

he wanted her mood.

This  one  will be treated differently,

without first names or cues

they’ll interact in a more

natural-giving kind of way

where everything

is cyclical  and never ending.

They’ll slip up close

very neatly

and whisper how it is to feel

now that they’re finally alone.

There are somethings

that need to be quietly said,

it shouldn’t be too hard  to read

with her fresh new eyes

reading his.

He already loved how

she can look at something

and tell him,

using just a look.

It’s intoxicating to be flooded

after being deprived for so long,

stuck in that drought for decades.

He already knew he needed her,

in fact, she’d be the one

with the best chance

to get them safely down

the Garden’s path.

With yesterday firmly behind them,

today it rained.

For the first time in years

no more shallow excuses

explaining why something can’t happen.

There was an abundance

of water now.  

She’s an all night drug

sipped slowly at the top of each hour.

She gives the curve of her hip

to help balance his gait,

and he held tightly to her because

he wasn’t  going to lose his grip.

It’s her body

she can do what she wants with it

and for the first time

it isn’t awkward giving

sharing the light

highlighting the path

out in front of them both.

Tonight when things get heavy

she’s worried that

her feet will shift in the sand,

she’ll get stuck

and not know how to answer.

He told her,

the tide will come and overtake her

she won’t be able to swim

she’ll drown.

Just let that happen

because she’ll awake with new eyes.

Just as she predicted

a rogue wave swept in

and overtook her.

At first,

it was overwhelming and too much

she managed to calm herself, still,

she was positive she’d drown.

She’d definitely need

someone to save her.

She remembered the words,

sipped and let go.

Thank goodness

when this morning arrived

she opened her eyes

thinking her dream was just that,

some grand adventure.

Her vision was somehow different,

not fully restored

she felt  the grit

between the layers of sheets. and toes.

It was something more than that,

everything had a sparkled glow  about it.

With a fresh set of eyes

she looked back on last night

with newness

it was like seeing double,

had she really drowned?

Impossible, and yet,

her bed was soaked

and she turned and started to count

the hours between each wave.

She remembered being

weightless and afloat

and these blinding lights

perhaps her eyes

weren’t remembering right.


she felt alive

and it’s just now

as she looks out across her room

she feels completely

loved by him.

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