A First Dream

A First Dream 

A crushed and crying girl

keeping everything locked up inside

far from prying eyes

hoping they won’t ever notice,

no one  truly ever does.

A first dream

and she was dancing,

in and amongst  hundreds of other couples,

she was dancing with someone.

She was crying

up until

a strong hand guided her

out along the curve of her lower back.

She was settled and relaxed

and in her eyes

she came alive.

It was an obvious dream of course

we were gliding these long distances,

I was put in her world.

The others simply got out of our way,

she  brought her body

and placed it in my palm.

Hard against my body,

I loved how she felt,

just as I opened my hand.

She was gone,


With soft gasps and claps

the other dancers

had all stopped to watch

wondering where the beautiful girl

had gone?

This beautiful girl,

is but an illusion

that insists on

dancing with me.


perhaps it was a dream

and the first thing

that I go and do

is write.

I wish I could figure it out,

why must I dream of this girl?

The bigger polished meaning

or reasoning

is that I must ,

still love.

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