The 2nd Minute

Here standing with the usual words

we meet face to face

for the first time in days.

Anemic or otherwise

these are the most intense moments thus far,

just as the girl has gotten stronger

the danger is

the girl is dangerous by nature.

When she’s this intense

it’s beautiful

the second minute  starts counting

with no warning

there’s no time to react

I stand by her side.

Taking her nervous hand in mine

I squeeze the anticipation super hard

and whisper,

“go ahead love.”

Confidence being her closest friend

she takes control

and goes over the plan

making sure I understand

exactly what it is she wants

and how it is

she’s to be treated

without question

we agree on the session.

With an aggressive wanting

the girl gives to each request

and each request or command

is answered with an eager smile.

The first minute passes

the first wave rolls over us

we drop down low for a second,

she turns and stares straight ahead

in her eyes

I can tell the next wave is coming

again, I grab and squeeze her hand.

She’s eager to start the second minute

the harder side of love

where trust is turned and tested

the weight of wanting  is given its turn.


placed squarely atop her shoulders

the world falls on her

and she wants to please,

the second minute passes

and we stare into the other.

Quiet footfalls

the geometry of love

hasn’t made much sense to her,

still, she trusts my second nature

the one  she counts on the most.

It’s easy for her

to give whatever she thinks I need

if you look at the balance between us

there is this pretty world

where one gives

while the other receives.

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