The Inside Words

The agreed upon set of words

always meant we’d have time

those minutes came fast and flooding.

And all at once

we were deep inside,

living the words in songs

in love, technically

there was nowhere to stand.

Me and those hands,

I hope you won’t mind

when I reach in and grab

that little piece inside

that’s exclusively mine.

You spoke the inside words

backwards on a table

there in front of my eyes

it was easy to lay there watching

memorizing each sensitive line.

I adore time and attention

because attention and time

have arrogantly always been mine.

The forever look or gaze

came from somewhere lost

I can clearly see every piece

your love has meant something,

now as the season is set to change

can you believe how much time

you’ve spent with me

alone in my mind.

Quietly keep these words to yourself

don’t let anyone in on

that you couldn’t help yourself

wanting time and attention

to be our exclusive event.

Today I’m sick of remembering

what yesterday must of felt like

when you were so excited,

your eyes all lit up

it was easy then

to memorize the inside words

as long as it meant

you were the girl.

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