With fun and satisfactionshe ordered a special surprise a glistening beaded burlesque top. I must saythe second she turned aroundher hips and middleimmediately looked different. Gentle were her moves,slowly at first,she’d been practicing a whilefor this moment to occurand here we werea girl and her burlesque topall pretty and beautiful. She’s the only one I’ve […]

My broken shouldermaybe it’s hard enough holding onto the weightof ever having loved you. Did you ever thinkit was ever possibleI’d trip,coming up with all this?The things we say in poemsare so easy to dismiss. There are pretty answers I can’t always predict handsome things come from you, always,especially whenyou’re hidden behind a wall. I […]

The start of the hournervous digging startles uswe turn knowing we’re not alone. This is the midnight hour,the girl turns and smiles,welcoming the others to their places. We’ve come here to playshe undresses the silenceeyes stare straight aheadthey open the candy wrapperssip and taste the romance. Hands reach and feel the sensation is unrealfinally, there’s […]

The high road,leaving everything standingwalk away touching nothinga ghost in the shadowsleaving untouched love to simply fade away. The low road,complete destructionnothing left standingthe sins left bleedingevery door slammedthe earth void of all existence. Choose one of two pathsmaybe a mixture of bothpick one good feelingand it’s equal evil twinmeet somewhere in the middle. Make […]

Free verse wordsthis particular girl prefersthe words to be all about her. Exclusively hers,I’ve promised to push others awayI’m sure they’ll understandGrace and her sensitive charms,she begs and then jumpsand in that instant the girl of my dreams fades. I call for herto come back and finish,just echoes I fear. Standing there on the edgethere’s […]

Every opinionevery lyrical poemthe words are the sameabout this girlI’m all hung up on. Holding handsI’ve gotten used tohow it feelsor how it feltwhen we’d spend all daycupped and lying on top oflove in and of itselfhas to be enough. We can easily spend hourskeeping to ourselvesnever missing out on the wanting. Maybe today might […]

I’m tempting youto sugar coat the lovehidden insidethat dark sidewe all knowis a big part. The girl and her charmsall stubborn becauseshe’s not likingher attitudebeing all called out. Ignored,shunned,neglectedall this because her temper codewas plugged in and chargedalmost neglectedin her eyes. She’s all wound upin thisthe first dayof a new year. 2021what’s it going to […]

I don’t want herto ever stop readingthese love-sick wordsexclusively for her.She undresses with each new thoughtdancing bare top and panties. Thinking, how in the fuckdid yesterday turn into today. Face it,you’re the girl with the magical charmsthat keeps spinning this web. Oh, how she’s forgottenthe power she yields,she hasn’t feltfor years now. Perhaps this is […]

The start of a transitionwe only wishto peel away layers revealing the beautymade of nakedness. Beauty that’s been locked up for yearsis finally free. To roam as she wantsall cupped and warmwith an upturned glancecasually falling overher bare shoulders. Written there, on her sideare the pretty words.She honestly doesn’t mind,as long as we lookkeeping eyesaway […]

These are the hourswhere beauty reigns. Treasured bodiescarried out in a waywhere passing glances compliment her look. She’s the girl,who seemingly has it all,and yet, she’s fatally flawed. She passes each and every daywith the same attentionand attraction to detail. Try and count the familiar faces. Beautiful Graceis Beauty’s Burdenshe swears she has no ideawhat […]

Strung out,it’s getting harderto deny certain feelings. Good knows I’ve trieda thousand different waysto block and avoidthose private pictures of you. The visual trigger in meyou’ve squeezed mealmost too perfectly. Eyes stare up into eyesthis little gift of yourswhere you magically knowexactly what’s going to touch me. Beautiful you,you’re somehow growing in me. That goodness […]

Putting the girlway up therehigh on a shelfI know I couldkeep her safefrom falling off. I’ll just love her24 hours a day,the girl way up therewho’s constantly on display. It’s hard to explainhow it feelsadmiring someone who gets all this attention every secondin every day. She doesn’t mean to bea distraction,maybe all these wordsare just […]

The girl is coveredfrom head to toein her professional clothes. Truly, no one knowsshe has this little battleraging on inside. A dragon is defendingher Geisha girl,both stretched across her polished shoulders. There’s a serpent twisting downthe side of her rib cage sowhen she breathes,her snake flexes too. Most times these things are way too privateto […]

You asked if you could love me anymore?What a waste of time to ask such a thing. I dare you Gracedo whatever it is you think you believe. I already warned you. Love or otherwise,you decide,if you’re ready to riskMe not returning those words. Let your feelings outit doesn’t matter much ifthey match mine exactly. […]

The girl asked about this“Little Song” that I promised I’d write for her. She wanted to know each little verseand if I really wouldsing every word. She asked what instrument I’d useto accompany my voice to this, little song. The girl and her charmsI said I’d start there,or somewhere in between the love she shares […]