The first of the four stormshas come alive becausea single cloud layer,advances,taking away any doubtwe’re all about to be flooded. The prediction of coursehas always been,an absolute downpourwith no relief in sight. Grace plays her part,wearing her tiny outfitsforecasting on live tv. I can’t help but take noticethat this time, she’s probably right,we have something […]

I’ll wait until tomorrow,to slip in bed,and begin to dream with you. Maybe even thenit will be too muchthe weight of dreamingalongside my electrical wirecomes with a price. It’s dangerous nowgetting all caught upwhen a spark could leadto an infernowe keep hidden away. I’m not exactly surejust how much loveI’m willing to spendespecially nowthe nights […]

Those adolescentboyhood desires have truly never leftand even afterall these yearsit makes things hardto see certain things. Teenage boyhood charmsthe dark and heavyillustrations and moviesshow us that other sidebarely being covered up. To our twenties,still unsure how to explorethe strange odd logicof where we fit in life. Resigned to starting a familythose thirties were kindthe […]

Watching the night unfoldthere’s never beenheavier words spokenquite like this before. Grace turned,coming back becauseshe felt safe again. Life should have neverturned its backaway from her. That safe place,sits shattered now on the floor. I swear I don’t mindhelping hersweep the sharp and jagged piecesso no one else gets hurt. The tearful art of crying,helping […]

A verse written forMy one and only. Words express the feel,mixed in all these feelingsand maybe after allher kiss after a century of sleep has awaken every part. Oh Grace,who would have ever thoughtall the time we’d ever spentwould come down to tonight. Grace and her epic charms,there’s an outfit to be warn I warn […]

I love to pretendno one is aroundyou’re this strangerwe’re just starting outwith that first glamorous look. Inching up and next tothe girl everyone wants,there all alone in a crowdthe music makes it hardto understand the conversation,that is until,we’re secretly tucked away in the corner. We quickly establishall the ground rules,first times wordsare secretly whisperedto the […]

The start of a justified edgegetting ready to push,just as eyes are set in eyes. I’ll ask just one timetrust Me, I’ll not ask again. Here againsta dark and impending stormthe sky is ready to burstheavy are the flames. I love the quietnessjust before this change. Grace and her beautiful charmsout on display,she’s here to […]

Time and attentionshe seeks to reada lifetime of our favorite books. The stories she likesare the rough gentle typeswhere a strong hand grabs and takes control,but only while in bed. She swears she’s never swornnever before had she truly feltuntil a late night evening storm. The joy of lustthat wanting needhappiest while in suspenseaching for […]

The hold I seeall curled upthe nighttime sky is bitingwho would have ever guessedshe was fully undressed underneath a luxurious throw. A real fur blankethands are free to explorewith permission first strong heavy hands palmin the most deliberate of ways. Who would have ever believedshe was fully dressedusing a fur throwto warm her bones. She […]

If I were the oneto tell only youI might be going mad,would youstill be here. Most times, I feel like,a flower growing right therein the crack of downtown sidewalk. I’ll sit right downand wait until, you’re not so busy andI’ll keep missing you. I’m afraid, I won’t find you,or my way back. I could quite […]

All out of focus,eyes lost all critical detailhaving spent hoursmemorizing every inchthese are first timesthis drugged out addictionI can feel her swimming in my veins. My skin crawls because of her. The perfect hold over meit’s hard to look away,everyone turns,staring at her skin-deep beauty. Beautiful you. The dark and pretty curves,all hidden away,learning how […]

Keeping or being kepttender are the generous giftsthere are ways to manage all this. Me and My silver offeringsa damaged way to lovewith time comesgiving away more of Myself. Trust that attention is alive in both of us,from that backward glanceeyes were in search ofa different kind of companion. Here we are,standing just at the […]

These are our quiet reminders,the far away rain,has finally made it here. I swear,there is nothing more coveted than that soundthe wind throwing the rainagainst the windows. The rhythm marchwith each new band,each new downpour wave. The ground tries to keep up,there’s just too much wetnessthe puddles are everywhere. I can’t help but stareout of […]

The sad silhouettewriting in the daytime,mid afternoon,this star-struck addictionstill stuck in her heada closing heavy fist,twisting hair-handfuls,drenched in her perfume. Counting down the time,the jealous skycan’t leave soon enoughallowing us to play in the darkness. Dress upin that nighttime exploringcinched up super closeshe begs for moreusing the one trigger word. Up against it nowthat quickening […]

Oh the written versecoming from a manwho wants to keepto a certain path. He’s driven by the rushof newness what first time thingscan do to the mind. He invites usto travel alongto keep him companyon his free fall. He is fragile adore himhe’s showing us how to love. Crawling on the soft mosshis once pristine […]

Standing firm with my big beliefsthat was untilthings started to shift and turn. And if ever there werea set of forever termsI fucking swear,I’d use them right now. I swear to Godmy righteous oneI’m not crazyto be in love with her again. Love never endsI can’t believeI’m explaining thisall over again. Just look closely in […]

Unsure you realizefalling from the ledgeisn’t that recoverable. Time will keep us honesteach of our little momentssomething will trigger the acheand in your mindyou’ll start to over thinksecond guess if you evershould have climbedup on that edge. Big surprises with eyes wide openfirst touches come flooding backin that momentjust before acceptingyou were jerked forwardfalling helplesslyinto […]

There are timeswhen the words get all stuck and trappedon the insidewhen the throat closesyou can’t get it out. There are circleskeeping us from going forwardtrue loving thoughkeeps us from forgetting. We can escape on Sunny vacationswhere tan-lines went missingtopless in the sunshinethe golden warmththere on your waist and bottomreading and filling your mindyou’re my […]

The Mother Daughter bondunlike any other one. A daughter must go forth pick and choose more carefully with that strong intuitiona mother leads by examplegenerations depend on her. Gender or otherwise,if it weren’t for our motherswe’d have less to celebrate so when a mother leaves usthe void is immeasurable. Some of us donate trees and […]

The trusted source coderunning through numbersthe prized girl strutsconfidence pours with each new step. I’m more impressedshe’s able to walk acrossa floor with broken glass. That soft powerful demeanorthe curves and musclematch her brilliant mind. Perhaps she is the girl, she’s certainly different against an infectious laughI want to inject her serumdeep in the vein […]

Heavy are the whisperssoftly spoken tothat half moonthat swears it wants togive us more lightso we can focus. The nighttime airis too coldto kiss out hereour lips burnlipgloss passed from one. It always feels goodto be outsideseeing whohas the strongest exhale,all this,without laughing. This connection,when we crossed pathswas a little unexpectedeyes glanced sidewaysI wanted to […]

My alternative girl,a different class of girlyou’re not mine at allat least not any more. I know just where to stand.Loving on the outsidethe bottom quickly rises,there is this other thoughtsomeone who is on my mind. I can’t quite quiet her voiceshe’s too pretty to ignoresomething about the words I write about. This love languageis […]

I’ve been dreaming again. I am lostand in the make-believefranticly in search ofthe one and only girlsomeone I can’t find. I cannot help myselfto just wake up!I’m all fucked up,twisted in the make believelooking for the onewho stole everything. She simply got up and walked away all full. I can’t quite figure outwhy I get […]

I am ready for both answers to be true. I’ve long since applied my protective layers guarding me from the girl who has no real way of knowing my stained hands beg for her. That touch she bringsin slow-motion detailhow I long for hereverything that glitters and shines in my drunken haze. I can only […]

Up against this mood tonight. I’ve tried a thousand timesto simply get up and forgetI ever fell in love with her. That’s when the trouble starts. I close my eyes to forgetand it starts all over again. I dream. I can’t quite,control that world. A diluted placeleft fearful searching out of breathe in a paniclooking […]

Let’s be clear here. There are friends,and there are other friends. Some are acquaintances,some we’d drink coffee with,still there is onewe couldn’t wait to be alone with. The friendship codea stubborn propositionsometimes based onsensitive feelings,the ones we prefer thoughare the ones whereyou get what you give. Nothing lessnothing more.

Crawling lowly on the groundmaking sure not to be seenthe trigger source is hunting. He’s too young to be having these thoughtsthat are all too consumingtired of always be hiding. We’re not supposed to knowhe’s in the wrong bodywe’re going to be needy todaythe trust layers are brokenstill, she’s coming outif we’re ready or noton […]

Unnoticed,ignored,I’d go as far asneglected. So this is the triggered start. There have been first times,but none like this. This time,unlike all the rest,the 4AM callhas gone unnoticed. Picking up was never a problembefore all thistime and attention change. There’s limited time,limited attentionI get all thatthat’s not what I’m saying. There have been26 years of […]

The eyes,more importantlyher sensitive charmsshe’s important to Me. I don’t mindspending timeon my futuretimetable. I can stand closelyon the edge of nightit’s time to hurrythe jealous skyis threatening to return. First times,can only come or happenjust once. Here we areMy future loverstanding on the platformpeople keep askingif we’re going to jump?I squeeze her tightly we […]

With little to no idea,it is now up to usto master the details. By the waysidethe world was once reawakened by a Greek Goddess. Iris,a true and gloriousclimatic winged beauty. She began the work herself. Constantly battling impossible difficulties,the doubtful othersquestioning her every move. Why should the skies ever cause flooding?Why are other areas so […]

Handsome beautyhas been written across this feminine skythat I am drawn towards. And from the startI’ve traveled all this wayto simply stare and look upon a darkened velvet sky. Time has this equal valuelove cannot counteither forwards or backwards there are certain songs buried in erotic photographs. To have access to herin the depths of […]

I never said I wasPerfect. Of course I wasdifferent from those othersthe way we made lovethe rush of wantinghere between us,I’ve never stopped feelingeven thoughI said I wasPerfect. From my perspectivethe others were so blindnot able to see through you. From where I stand,there is no greater silenceeven thoughI havethe weight of wordswith this much […]

Time and attentionI swear she sworeshe could carry us,but here we are I’m asking for helpfrom strange hands that aren’t sensitiveat all anymore. I know it’s hard,keeping up this fightalone in the crowd,you can’t breatheoverwhelmed I suppose,not sure I’d ever knowexactly how it feltcarrying all that weightof future time. I said, I’m here to helpbalance […]

Brilliant blindnessI can’t help myselfseeing the color code. Touching someonethere is this full spectrumred and orangethe full moon colorsa love drawn achingI’ll wait until forever fades. Yellow and greendon’t bring my envy up. I’m just jealousI knowI always have beenI can’t seem to share is all. The color wheelblue and indigothere’s always hopeI’ll learn to […]

Continuous and or otherwisethe sky floods our eyes,we stare and still won’t askare we truly being our best?The thrill we take for grantedour heavy clouds flood the earth,barefoot in the mud,quiet are the footfallsreflecting on the neon lights. Still, we cannot help to get all caught up lostfollowing large crowdsinto those bright colorful lights. Hand […]

With more time to spend,time we’ll probably never get back. Let’s skip the tent event. I hate drawing circleswe’re different thereus and our heavy eyes,I’d prefer,we treat this nightby doing something else. All that’s ever matteredis that we’re experts together. Love is more than going out togetherto an uneven gathering I swear you’re my trigger. […]

Even if,we promised each other we’d let go. You walk that wayand I’d go up there,it wouldn’t much matter we’d eventually come across a roadwhere we’d be too stubborn to just walk on by. Oh not you,the one I’d die fordraining ink from my penI’m reminded by that phraseif you truly love someoneyou let them […]

Story telling,in this,the month of October. Change is our herounder the cold darknessit’s just easierthinking it’s safe hereeven though we both knowit’s just Halloween dress up. She puts smiles on faces,open and giving,with her ever revealingset of pretty curves. It’s just easierto set eyes alightletting the others get away all safe and sound. Scary are […]

Those close call morningsthe pain of choosingdoes she crawl or runfrom her warm autumn bed. The critical temperaturesare soon to be upon us,perhaps still to comejust one last blossom. Here we find ourselvestreasuring what’s leftof this summer’s memoriesthe flowered gardenhaven’t quite quitletting go of us, just yet. As long as the biting coldtakes feelings from […]

Loving someone,starts over each daythere’s no need reallyto worry about thisever going away. That is, of course,you’re crazy stupid too. Maybe, just thenthese feelings will take overand everything will be justtoo much to talk about. Crazy stupid,darlin I know you wantthese damn handsall up and overpalming a hand-full. The girl and those curvesthis road is […]

Sweating really hardmoisture trickling finding it hard to swallowa pounding pulsecoming up my throat. I remember whenwe had one of our sessionsjust like this placethis same kind of feelingthe pretty bodiesworking on a purpose. I kissed you hardagainst an immovable objectfighting to keep pacelips were thirsty my little oneburied underneath my six-foot five frame. I […]

Just as the jealous sunfinally quits and gives up,a dark most handsome girl,arrives from out of nowhere. Eyes stare up at her,she and her crescent curvesit’s truly impossible to knowthe affect she’s going to have on us.That is until, we turn and take noticeto a once in a lifetime floodand here is where it starts. […]

Be my golden oneinside a 24-hour span. I’d let you roll up,if you let me come insidewe could share stories those pretty kindthat require some sort of dress up. I swear you’re just the onethat when we’re all donewith that matter of fact lookit’s only thenwe actually beginthe session of sorts. Inside the coveted hourthe […]

The temple verseresting on my shouldersI’ve been right hereall along by your sidesomeone who very kindlystood by your breakdown. If today truly countedwe’d have a different conversation,yet, here I amready to lend a handthere’s no real needto look through the want ads. Despite all the rumorsyou must have certainly heardthere’s still some time leftday or […]

I knew this day would comewhen I’d fightto ignore the signs. Clearly, you’re in my mind,it’s just,I’m having trouble nowbecause I can’t quite rememberhow your voice sounds.I’m worried all over again,I might wake up,and you’ll be completely gone or missing. Little pieces certainly add upI can clearly smell your perfumeyou and your favorite flawswill always […]

The surfaces are always softerwhenever you’re in viewI guess it never really mattered I choose to blind myselfat least that’s how I see it trapped with a belly hunger I know I couldfeed for hours still, I choose to go hungry now. I’m starting to catch onknowing just how cometime and attention matterespecially when they’re […]

These are my temperamental moods,I guess in other words,I could have pretendedto ask all the right questionswithout that tone in my voice. There was this excited Ms. who could not have waitedto become my burden,I guess in other words,that girl is my one true lovetemperamental or otherwise I honestly don’t mind wasting time waiting onmy […]

The temperature codewhen the mood in the roomshifts and changesletting the cold winds come init’s hard to remember whythis year’s beautieswere taken from us. A negative lighthighlight the gemsthey’re all fragile nowhaving been exposed to an unforgivable sourcetheir once strong stemshave been reducedto a delicate glancefrom here thoughtheir strong ancient contactis being safely guardedhere in […]

The soul is said to beburied in all of ushard times or otherwisewe found our wayto touch and feelin a real contemporary waymimicking naturegathering our nectarcollecting little thingsbuilding our placesomething that’s ours aloneI think it’s timewe started growing old togetherit’s the perfect timec’mon we surviveda world wide pandemicI know you love meyou know I love […]

What ifyour manipulationis exactly what I want. It feels so goodalways craving youthe smell of perfumethat exact perfumedrives this part in meto the cupped edgepulling your thick hair backexposing that spotbetween neck and earI could live therewhispering the dark and scary tales ofHalloween.

We are exactly the same,you and Mefluid in the nightsinking down and in-between. I can’t say this loud enoughthe tortured words of lovesimply don’t belong here betweenyou and Me. Our soft spoken denialsshout and proclaimthere is this real attractionor in other wordsthere are certain thingsthat grab and take us. Some have called youthe prettiest-thing,the others […]

Her voice startsjust above a whispertime and attention she swearsand whether we like it or nother voice starts to grow on us. Some turn and watchmy eyes have not leftwatching the crowd grow and gatherand from all sidesthe glances start to swarm she’s our idol now. The chemistry and energyit hurts to be too far […]

The truth has always beensomething we’ve kept secretfar from the other’s eyes. One can only imagine whywe’ve always triedto get behind the garden gate. Because back behind therethere’s this new languagewith a different set of rules. Only certain plants can growbased on a structure guidethere to give a good life. I’ve always been the Oneto […]

Just in case you’ve forgottenthere are still a thousand pretty nightsstill ahead of you. Take a real chancethe little steps have been laid out and are waiting for you. Don’t worry,about the sideways glanceslearn to shift your focus,eyes are all but gone,it’ll be too bright to truly see anyone. Listen for the quiet footfallssneaking up […]

My secret life I hope you don’t mindwhile I balance both divides,the mind and body,here in equal parts. I swear my meticulous sideis sure to recognize the smallest of changes,and yet, I am as equally blind. We can both agree,your photos sway all our emotionsthe top layers and backgrounds simply always agree. Promise, to keep […]

There is one thingsitting in all of usa wild horse or beasta velvet flower or dragonfly. There is this languagecertain words we need to speakto tell the truth or lie to us. Silence is our second nature,so sit by the water and contemplatealone in your quiet moodthere is this solitude in all of us. You’ve […]

Finding the reasonhow you just accidentally fell in my lapwhen we both knowthere are no true accidents. Starting from the top,I honestly don’t mindtime traveling in dreamswhen you magically appearall fresh and new. It was the World’s Fairour clothes were so tight and revealingI could hardly breatheand then I saw youthe colors were all muted. […]

Time and temperature codes are set on their collision course. Tell me exactly,just how it feelsgoing through the hourssearching for puzzle clues. There are some of usthat prefer to fight. I’m standing hererefusing to move. The flight in youwas settled onlong before we ever met. I wonder if,the dreamer is left,the one who,shared her treasured […]

It’s the right time nowgrab your jacketcome follow me out the doorthere’s something I need to tell you. Running to catch uplatched safely on my armI can feel her excitement tightenjog-pulling her forward,we stop at the big opening. Right there on the forest floorwe remove our shoesbarefoot and out of breathI make sure she’s ready,so […]

Hi You,I’m thinking of you. I would give anything,to give everything away. Those lost and stolen eyeshaving the hardest timeto stop and rest. Stare into mine,eyes up into eyesfor the first real timelet your color return. Allow the othersto see that smile of yours,it’ll remind themjust how beautiful you are. Look straight aheadto the horizon’s […]

Holding tightly to the ropesthe girl and her pretty waysthat identical laughevery time we agree to kiss. I can’t wait to hold handsin the center ringwe whisper private things. She asks in a certain wayI can’t help but agree,her beauty beats me downit’s no use, really. The girl is a prize fighter. Ten or fifteen […]

1.Inert love languagesits choking at the back of my throat. To think, I chose to be here. I put myself in a placewhere it physically hurtsto miss her. I’ve made common mistakesthat invincible side of methinking I could leapand land without any scratches. The human conditionneeding to belong to others. It’s crazy to thinkthe hands […]

One last go around,one last time.I’m now on the other sidewaiting on you to come,otherwise, why would I be here waiting on the only oneI’ve ever truly loved. We always made simple promisesthat someday, like this daywe’d find ourselveson this strange land. I’ve traveled all this way,me and my odd dialect asking for directionstrying to […]

Sitting on the edge of my bedI’m immediately woken upmy head is soaked and floodedwith thoughts of you raining down. I can tellthe sky is already too fulla half an hour of darkness is left,the jealous sun is threateningto end our time togetherand I can’t help, but writemaking room for my sorrownow that you’re all […]

Staring up into eyes,and for the first real timeI find myself,in love. Still, I’ll convince myselfto quickly look awayit’s obviously too lateyou’re trapped inside. My mind stumbles and fallsit’s no use tryingothers can’t erase this feeling. In the flash of a momenteverything got all mixed upI know I can’t undo what yesterday meant. Today, I’m […]

Time and attention is truelove was never the answeryet, I was tossed by the wayside dropped on the side of the road. I am here, stranded,looking at the vast nothingness waiting on someone else. I’ll spend my entire lifelooking for the very one drawing eyes up into to eyestaking away this nothingnessstripping away my ache. […]

The lost dawn of the morning is truly done and gone the lights are all off and quietthank goodness no one can see mewrecked with little Ms. shy thingsipping the life back into me. Even the birdsongs are screamingfrom the floor to the ceiling. What started out as whisperingquickly evolved to a heartbeatpounding in the […]

Here at the doorstepthere’s such a lovely voicecalling for me “Come here.”Just inside on a table,two glasses of wine,it’s a pretty sceneall the windows and doors are open.I’m invited to join her. See-through top and curtains,a gentle breezeher tan highlighted by the moonlight. She stands next to me. We toast our California summerthis time is […]

A classy look for sure,she knows how to make me turnaccidentally handing over photographspulling on every ounce in me,she loves watching my reactionwhen my eyes light upseeing this true side in her. This is where all this beganbetween a soft and hard edge,standing perfectly still,counting the minutes in hoursmemorizing how it feltto be held in […]

I guess it never really matteredthe girl and her second name,which is something,because it’s all too easyfor her to change everything. I guess this comes down tohow she prefers to playwith her dress and fashionalways making every daythis new attraction. There we stood holding our gaze,at this, the amazing garden. Her demands, quite revealing really,oh […]

The garden struggle,it’s just when you think,you understand,we have our differencessomething always goes wrong. Going first means we’re making all the rules. I promise to try,to make you all happy andeven though I never willI’ll be the first in linewithout any a excuses. This garden of ours,have flowers that need things.Sure they’re mostly forgivingespecially when […]

Platform goodbyes it will be a little while,not having that laugh around,not to mentionall the other things. Remember, it’s meyesterday when we were pushingapplying sunscreen on sensitive shoulders. The day is exactly the same,this being the first hourthere sits a stupid muglipgloss and allbegging me to look inside.

I’ve got to hurry becausesomeone has really changed,I can only ask,is the plump heavy skya place I can still lookto see the pretty clouds. I can still remember that temperamental sidewhere we kissedthe backs of our hands. I’m just surprised to see,this big new sideyou’re trying to fit into. I still can’t forgethow the room […]

The girl obsessed,taking all kinds of photographsI wonder how and whythere aren’t any fountains?Those slow trickling shotswhere time sits trickling,while everyone else,gets lost staringat the pretty angles. Hopefully today,the camera lense will turnfocused on the shimmering,just inside,the garden gates. Against large beautiful flowersa fountain keeps turningwaiting to be seen. Adrift and carefreethe girl and her […]

The garden is burstinga magical date stamp has everything in focus. The girl turns with her camerabarely fitting all the blossoms centered and in frame. Her photographs mark timetonight I’ve come to learnto take notice of the fragrances. A hungry bee thirsts,stop the petals that open up for him. He’s frantically searching in and out […]

Future Lover andthe comfort control,love may have all the answersto the things we must avoid. Yesterday, when I kissed you,the first of the chancesyou had to tiptoein order to reach. We have this destinationalready pre-programmedwe just need to execute. So today we’re in this gardenpretending not to noticeall the humongous blossomssurrounding the trespassing visitors. Tomorrow […]

Sun-drenched or otherwise,it’s all she’s ever knownwith her stingy dry eyesalways threatening,maybe one day,they’ll let loose with a vengeance. Heavy hands reach and grab hergetting her out of the waya flash flood is coming. In disbelief, she stares,it’s a forgotten creek bedovergrown and neglected. The first drop lands heavilytouching her face with no warninga wall […]

Getting this farI’ve long since acceptedletting you inject youdeep in my center veinletting me feelall of you. You have a way of taking hold of mehonestly, there’s nothing to be done. I can only stand and watch,as the jealous sky pulls at me. I prefer to be like this,lying next to you,the night stuffed fullof […]

Up from that desert skyI swore I saw Violet peeking,with those blue and golden eyesI can still hear her laughter. Oh come back to me love,there are still a million stars,and from this night until our lastI have been fighting hardto keep your perfumeunder lock and keysafely guarded. Doubt the voice within you,doubt thy triggered […]

Tonight will most likely bethe start of the secret gardenthey’ll get all dirtydown on knees to palms. Last years beauties are filling the beds,they need removalit’ll be up to him. The ground there is completely sterile the dry earth is beggingto come lay with himlisten to the stories. The crisp and heavy conversationsare all inched […]

The secret languagehas been spoken once before,it now appears,there’s anotherwho knows this special dialect. So here’s the payout,the girl will push love forwardit’s all she’s ever wished forknowing all the unspoken rules. Unopened and undone,this girl is powerfulwith strengths and marvelsshe’ll never be matched or covered. This is her yearawestruck and marveled she has a […]

I know I’m supposed to beasleep at this hour,I’m up against a nude girl who’s more than a distractionher soft curves are at odds,it’s hard, not to think otherwise. Any second now beauty is set to fadeI swear I’ve tried to fall back asleep. It’s no use reallytrying to dreamin that other world. I shouldn’t […]

From the start,and up until the endthere are other sideswe haven’t quite managed. There are changes,a transfer of challenges we haven’t quite seen just yet,we’re too busy to noticejust how quietlife can truly get. There’s nothing wrong with starting from the middle,there’s still so much morewe haven’t quite seen. She’s centerfold pretty,love is a compromised […]

There are times,times like thesewhen I over think things. Have you ever wondered all the thingsthat have drawn youto the edge of faith. Maybe we couldwalk togetherholding hands in publicletting all the othersbe the voyeurs for once,like how we used tolook in their windows. I haven’t said I love you,perhaps my familiar voiceis stuck from […]

Tonight the sky shattered,way up overhead,there sits a million little parts. It’s hard to imaginenot being with you,the one I love the most. Perhaps the sky shattered on purposethe twinkling little lightsare there to draw us up,eyes stare up into eyesit’s hard here without you. I know I’ve pushed you awayto create more space. I […]

The story begins like this,on a warm summer’s evethere was a nervousnessthe two lovers kept apartby the rules of the Kingdom. Unable to obey anymoreone snuck into the night,and from the startthe risk of being caughtonly added to their excitement. Oh, but to smell her once againto hand hold and stare,standing just under her windowa […]

On a platformit’s strange standing here,elevated above everyone else. I swear I’m trying to come up with the wordsto help explain exactly howthis stolen feelingis buried within. Strangers push on me,it’s obvious I’m in the wayI’ve been this waylong before now. I push back,keeping my groundI honestly carewhat some may thinkI’m not moving until I […]

The start of my first and onlyI swear I can stare at her for hours,but just as equally, I could turn and walk away. I’m convinced, she’s my hero,each and every timeI close my eyes,it’s impossible not to search for her. My hero persists becauseshe filled this voidleft vacant centuries ago. Sure, she’s horrendously flawed,it’s […]

Into the gentle nightbirdsongs have gone all quiettheir anxiously waitingto see who will emergefrom that once broken blind. The girl and her charms,she has these stories to tellagainst a softly broken accentI love figuring out her words. What’s even better,learning that ancient languagehard against the universal truthscertain phrases in ones tonguehave the identical meaning. So […]

Finally, our summer-time has returned it’s warm tonight,you’ve come ready to playthat kind of warmthwhere everything sits still too tired to move anymore. Nothing wants to be outsidenot until things cool a bit. There on top of the comforter your room begs to be used again in the old kind of ways. Voices and sounds […]

The color codebegging for the hour to hurrythe boy and his dark little soulwant to get up and leave. I swear lover,the night still bleedsI can clearly see that pretty place,it’s all I’ll ever havethe crimson leavesplaced in colored vases. Maybe this is our better placeGod knows I’ve prayed enoughdamn, heavy sippingthe new, surely are […]

Through the veil of treesthis is our comfort place,and as strange as it seemsI know I can help youcome run with me. Through thick and heavy wordswant drips from the mouthburied in those good Ol’ dayswhen we kissed all freely. Let words come crashing downdon’t get all caught upthinking how it’ll work out. We’re here […]

Standing on this platform,I must admit,I’m impressed by one of youyou’ve read almost every poem. The hours inside daysI’ve been on your mindtrying to unravelexactly why all this truly matters. Just words, I beg to be differentbecause I am in lovestanding on this platformlooking back at all of youfrom all over the world. The good […]

There from the startshe’ll try anythingto find her way in the hive. By birthright, she’s the one,a chosen giver,there to give us life. She has her protectorswith one solitary thoughtguard the Queen Bee. Her private army will swarm to protect hersworn never to leave her side. Against all good reason,she longs to perform her favorite […]

This is the start,the spotlight hour,let the questions be asked. From the first until the lastlet’s let answerstrigger the complicated feelings. Want versus the needshe is here to danceto fill our lives. There is a depth in wordsthat make perfect senseonly she understands. There are certain meaningsfrom underneath this lightthe girl has perfect balance. Tiptoeing […]

Perhaps today was our best moment,in these sessions of ours,we move without words. Unmatched from anything beforeI swear, I’ve memorized her tempothere’s something powerfulcoming from deep inside her.what I love mosther drowning trigger memory. The world may be changingsome run from their sourcethank goodness there are somewho embrace their beauty gene. Every thought has an […]

A temporary machine-like feelingpulses throughout the body,strong and everlasting. These mechanical positionsvoid of all imaginationI just want to bend,to be flexible again,twisted and or contorted,by the hands of my lover. An all too sensitive girl,afraid I might breakif I were put under any undo pressure. We switch positions,just so I can show hertemperamental control. Woah, […]

With a heavy handed voicecoming softly of course,the girl repeated her command. I have come all this waywithout shoes or protective layer,who amongst you speaks my language?With eyes so cleverly disguisedshe watched the crowd intently,to see who would step forward. From there in the dead center,she could hear their song,eyes turned at the intrusionhis words […]

There is good in the morning we sometimes shout together,but try as we mightI can’t ignore the betrayal. To say you’d loveand forever countwas met with denial and doubt. So here I am left,the handsome stranger,every now and againI get some morbid letter. Please forgive,so we can start again. Well, I’m here to tell youon […]

In kindness,so balances my love and joy. These words are my witnessthat help conveythe urgency of my love. In strict adherence I pay tribute to time,for as long as I can remember I’ve held a bow for her. Alongside birdsong,there is no more purer quality. I call you here nowto simply bear witnessto the fire […]

My apologies,I’ve been awaywriting this bookI promised myself. A New Years Resolution the first draft is doneI’m currently editing the second time aroundwas much harderthan I ever imagined. My 33 chapterswho would have imaginedI’d have 350 pagesone hell of a storya lifetime of observing. I hope you’ll promiseto read every word. Maybe then you’ll understandwhy […]

Love’s poison bitter pillI swear I crave the girlwith a temperamental dark side,so that when we kisswe’re all dramaticlike this will be our first and last. Maybe I’ll choose youto be my tepid lover,could you handle the commandto softly cut my arm?Understand, we’ll make lovein strange places,we’re different, you and Ia one of a kind […]

I can’t help but care to imaginejust exactly the reasons whythere was this first night. The sound of a starting gun,triggered that our race was on,with a thick and heavy smellgunpowder our memory scent now. The feline was born and aliveshe sprang forward in the shadowswith her sinking claws all poised to strike. I dare […]

Time counts in between so you shield your eyesfrom the sun coming in. Will you dance with me?Here on an empty fieldwe come super close together, you and your tiny frame folded neatly in my pocket. We step as the music startsyou whisper our forbidden secret using our favored trigger words.Careful to keep perfect rhythmthe […]

This is our hourI find myself awake with youunderneath a million blinks and sighsfor the first real timeyou’ve discovered these words. Maybe this is the languagethat speaks to youin some different wayI’m willing to teach youI’ve come all this wayto whisper quietly. Beautiful spring flowersare waiting to burst showing their naked blossoms they honestly don’t […]

Skin soaked reminiscing we sit here looking face to faceand for the first real timeeyes are lockedbalancing between this need of ours. The pulse quickensI cannot erasethese feelingsmixed with the warm raysour treasure source,you undresses,curled now in the dunes. With nothing morethan the jealous orbyou invite me closerof course I layin the armsof a sun-drenched […]

Balancing need against wantyesterday when I fell in lovethere was this sidewhere I had no real choiceso I sipped and watched her. She closed the doorI watched her undresspaying special attentionto the onewho has a million different looks. She’s pretty at any hour,and I swear,I’ll wait a lifetime as she struggles to sleep. I’m love-sick […]

It’s sometimes too hardto say exactly wherethe girl is coming fromwhen all I truly knowshe sits on the top of my tongue. Her name is never farshe asked if I’d travel180 miles southwe’d have one of those nights the playful kindthat’s no longer allowedin this day and age. The kinky sidethe girl has this other […]

My favorite drug of choicethe poisonous kiss coming from the girlwho wishes to do me harm. Her fire drugburns feverish this I already knowI need her loveto extinguish flamesablaze behind my eyes. It’s only thenwhen she whispers certain wordsthe pulse in my veinsbegins to settle and I feel warm again. It’s just easierto float through […]

There’s truth in the attraction that moment when eyes are seen. There in a gothic vasethere are a grouping of flowers tied so tightly in the middletheir stems struggle to drink. Imagine the strong, sensitive handsthat had to be carefulnot to harm the flowers. The mind that picked each gemplacing them with cautionsometimes girls prefer […]

Praying handsheld in their positionon chipped stepsI’ve been taught wordsin order to repeat phrasesit is then and only thensuch words become sacred. So that’s where I beginhow my tradition got starteddown on bended kneeI confessed andtook the blame for an accident. Time and attention I sworetime takes my attention awayI make my list of wordsand […]

There’s something about where you standagainst a setting sunwhen you watch it set. These last 15 minutes are the most important the colors deepencrawl across our skina professional highlightapplied by the Gods. Sunset Control. The sky is on firegetting all stretched distortedthe clouds bleedhere on the coastal bluffI guess we’re the lucky onesalways the last […]

Crawling in next to herit’s hard to disguise my frameagainst her warm back shouldercareful to keep my cold hands far from this girl. The dream girl for sureshe and her secret charmsI’ve not given up on yet. The world ceases to existwhen she falls asleep firstbecause in her exclusive worldshe has just one chanceof going […]

Secret January morningI realized tonightthis might not be our year. You asked something of meI had not heard of beforeof course I’m here to answer. Admire the garden with mepretend you understand my meaning. Don’t underestimate this chanceI can easily leave things exactly how we’d left things long before we met up again tonightour game […]

In her glass cabinshe’s way too exposedalways walking around shirtlessin the darkness. If ever there wasa perfect moment with herit’s after a couple of drinkswhen she starts to laughand reveal her truthsthat she will most definitely deny. The girl that sits under starspreciously guards her feelings. It’s way easier for sureto pretend we don’t existout-side […]

Waiting for that soulthat mirrors my own. Maybe this constant wantingis my own vanity. The pretty and perfect sidenever had a real chance. So inside I reflectnever wavering from that promisewaiting on that soulthat mirrors my own. This constant lookinghas caused me to notice things. Only a fool would waste a lifetime on the hopes […]

I’m right over hereyou know, the onewith love in his eyeswatching as she’s kissedand until foreverthose were the promised words. So maybe I’ll forget hermoving up and overI’m trying to erase her laughthat stupid danceI can’t help the photographsmy temperamental snapshotsshe’s stuck insideimperfect, broken and allstill, she’s the one in a million. I’m standing right […]

The mixing of colorswe love walking barefootholding tightly to hands,even as she leans on meto steady our path. Beneath this rich burning hournaked neon colors glow,both our bodies look so differentpainting tiny pictures on curves. We dance naked this way,for a while until,someone yells to cover ourselves. We laugh until it hurtswe’re probably in a […]

I’m lost inside maybe because of you. I don’t understand howeveryone else has found a reasonto find themselves a way to get out. I’m here to proclaimI’m lost worse now,than I’ve ever been beforeI laid eyes on yours. Even when I heard your nameI simply turned to watch to see how you’d answeryou noticed me […]

She asks to kiss her please,of course I obligebecause I adore my placethere on top of the worldwhere I can pick her up. She’s always so surprised I’m that much tallerher feet are up and lifted. There’s something prettyabout being above everyone else,it must mean, she loves. I can see she’s upset todaytired of trying […]

Is it so strangeto be in lovewith an idea of a person. It’s a stunning high, really,because when that one trips clumsily,it’s easy to reach and help them. The service awardwanting the pleasure of othersI could go a lifetime passing up the highof knowing something different. Bless the first timesmeeting the onewho causes this drowning. […]

These are new coveringswith open hands to palmsI invite one closer. Step to the locked foreboding gate. Grace, the beauty anchor,begs to be taughtthe rules of this garden. With stained-glass darknessthe brilliant sun illuminatesher shimmering eyesfor the first real time. She asks for more wordsexplaining this place,its well worn pathsthat lead to favorite flowers. She […]

Time and attention,two very sensitive conditionsshine when you’re at your best. I swear and promisewe will share and balance the start of all this. I’ve been meaning to writeabout a pristine garden where we plant and make rows. Spend the hours with melearning how to properly tendall the lovely gems. There are tiny detailsI hope […]

Maybe I didplace youway up therewhen I put your headup in the clouds. I get itit’s hardto breathe up there. Not to mentiontrying to be allperfectmost all of the time. So You fell yesterday,I’m here aren’t I?Trying to pick you upand place youright back up there. Why can’t you understand you belong thereup in the […]

Money and musicheavy are the sounds coming from that thumping basscoming from our throats. Could it possibly bethe reason why we’re dancing nowin our certain waywhere bodies just layheavily on each other. Today, the day is lazy we are strewn all over the placespending hours spending a fortune on handsome thingsthat are sureto make us […]

Starting every verse in identical fashionbreaking upthe thoughts we sharein our sentences. I can only wishto be lovedby the onetrue onewho loves the most. It can happen at any time reallyit’s a wish that’s been wisheda thousand times beforethe title was ever lost. I’ve seen wordswhispered to backs of hands. I swear nothing’s more beautiful […]

Today it rainedfor the first true time in more than a century. Oh how I’ve counted so,as I pull and pluck each petal. It’s been longer still,since I’ve seen that smile. That beauty shotthat comes so naturally. Perhaps she loves me, still. Against all other chancessay what it is you feel,what you truly want to […]

From the startmy star-struck lover had her eyes stuck in mine,never changing her gazedoubled over love-sicknever complaining how much it hurtthe ache from being apart. It wasn’t until we agreedto meet up in a mud filled roomour once clean and pristine clothesfinally laid ruin. Each night sincewe get even filthierunderstanding this sicknesstruly can’t be helped. […]

Big dreams, they’re just around the cornerthis feelingwhen I’m all highheavy in my thinking. I’m in love with a monster. What’s the difference?Today could always beso much worse. I could write somethingall pretty and forgettable,but why pretendtime is so different especially when my mood is all dark and brooding. I’m in my early morning ritualuncomfortable […]

I keep adding on the words go against the hours they compete with each other. Time and attention something we’ve always sworn we’d give one another focus that stare for me promise you’ll use the words that trigger the things that draw us close together. Lay the perfume on thick even if that’s the only […]

Oh how I think I knowI’d never betray the nightinnocent mistakes I’m sure. It’s true you knowthere are seven sinsdeadly or otherwise,we could hide under mask pretend we’re all protectedplay it safe andignore all the warning signs. Do you want to gamble?We can agree on an amountpay that price tomorrowlet’s assume for todaywe’re free to […]

With fun and satisfactionshe ordered a special surprise a glistening beaded burlesque top. I must saythe second she turned aroundher hips and middleimmediately looked different. Gentle were her moves,slowly at first,she’d been practicing a whilefor this moment to occurand here we werea girl and her burlesque topall pretty and beautiful. She’s the only one I’ve […]

My broken shouldermaybe it’s hard enough holding onto the weightof ever having loved you. Did you ever thinkit was ever possibleI’d trip,coming up with all this?The things we say in poemsare so easy to dismiss. There are pretty answers I can’t always predict handsome things come from you, always,especially whenyou’re hidden behind a wall. I […]

The start of the hournervous digging startles uswe turn knowing we’re not alone. This is the midnight hour,the girl turns and smiles,welcoming the others to their places. We’ve come here to playshe undresses the silenceeyes stare straight aheadthey open the candy wrapperssip and taste the romance. Hands reach and feel the sensation is unrealfinally, there’s […]

The high road,leaving everything standingwalk away touching nothinga ghost in the shadowsleaving untouched love to simply fade away. The low road,complete destructionnothing left standingthe sins left bleedingevery door slammedthe earth void of all existence. Choose one of two pathsmaybe a mixture of bothpick one good feelingand it’s equal evil twinmeet somewhere in the middle. Make […]

Free verse wordsthis particular girl prefersthe words to be all about her. Exclusively hers,I’ve promised to push others awayI’m sure they’ll understandGrace and her sensitive charms,she begs and then jumpsand in that instant the girl of my dreams fades. I call for herto come back and finish,just echoes I fear. Standing there on the edgethere’s […]

Every opinionevery lyrical poemthe words are the sameabout this girlI’m all hung up on. Holding handsI’ve gotten used tohow it feelsor how it feltwhen we’d spend all daycupped and lying on top oflove in and of itselfhas to be enough. We can easily spend hourskeeping to ourselvesnever missing out on the wanting. Maybe today might […]

I’m tempting youto sugar coat the lovehidden insidethat dark sidewe all knowis a big part. The girl and her charmsall stubborn becauseshe’s not likingher attitudebeing all called out. Ignored,shunned,neglectedall this because her temper codewas plugged in and chargedalmost neglectedin her eyes. She’s all wound upin thisthe first dayof a new year. 2021what’s it going to […]

I don’t want herto ever stop readingthese love-sick wordsexclusively for her.She undresses with each new thoughtdancing bare top and panties. Thinking, how in the fuckdid yesterday turn into today. Face it,you’re the girl with the magical charmsthat keeps spinning this web. Oh, how she’s forgottenthe power she yields,she hasn’t feltfor years now. Perhaps this is […]

The start of a transitionwe only wishto peel away layers revealing the beautymade of nakedness. Beauty that’s been locked up for yearsis finally free. To roam as she wantsall cupped and warmwith an upturned glancecasually falling overher bare shoulders. Written there, on her sideare the pretty words.She honestly doesn’t mind,as long as we lookkeeping eyesaway […]

These are the hourswhere beauty reigns. Treasured bodiescarried out in a waywhere passing glances compliment her look. She’s the girl,who seemingly has it all,and yet, she’s fatally flawed. She passes each and every daywith the same attentionand attraction to detail. Try and count the familiar faces. Beautiful Graceis Beauty’s Burdenshe swears she has no ideawhat […]

Strung out,it’s getting harderto deny certain feelings. Good knows I’ve trieda thousand different waysto block and avoidthose private pictures of you. The visual trigger in meyou’ve squeezed mealmost too perfectly. Eyes stare up into eyesthis little gift of yourswhere you magically knowexactly what’s going to touch me. Beautiful you,you’re somehow growing in me. That goodness […]

Putting the girlway up therehigh on a shelfI know I couldkeep her safefrom falling off. I’ll just love her24 hours a day,the girl way up therewho’s constantly on display. It’s hard to explainhow it feelsadmiring someone who gets all this attention every secondin every day. She doesn’t mean to bea distraction,maybe all these wordsare just […]

The girl is coveredfrom head to toein her professional clothes. Truly, no one knowsshe has this little battleraging on inside. A dragon is defendingher Geisha girl,both stretched across her polished shoulders. There’s a serpent twisting downthe side of her rib cage sowhen she breathes,her snake flexes too. Most times these things are way too privateto […]

You asked if you could love me anymore?What a waste of time to ask such a thing. I dare you Gracedo whatever it is you think you believe. I already warned you. Love or otherwise,you decide,if you’re ready to riskMe not returning those words. Let your feelings outit doesn’t matter much ifthey match mine exactly. […]

The girl asked about this“Little Song” that I promised I’d write for her. She wanted to know each little verseand if I really wouldsing every word. She asked what instrument I’d useto accompany my voice to this, little song. The girl and her charmsI said I’d start there,or somewhere in between the love she shares […]

I decided today I’d write this little song for the girl I love most. Maybe she’ll never hear it,maybe it’ll make her smilethinking how I feel she’ll want to hear more of it. I’m all stupid inside,drawn to a girl to her talents and charmsbalancing on a wire,a tightrope way up there. She’s probably more […]

The temporary markwritten across the sandfighting the crawling waves,pulling and reaching with each hungry grasp. Endemically eroded away,the shoreline begsfor someone to scrawltheir name or some gigantic heartclaiming the dayto be exclusively theirs. The familiar sounds,the surf crashes and it’s almost too cold to actually go play. Promise you’ll ignore the undertowand go for a […]

I’m in another oneof those moods,something is gone. I’m trying nowto put someone inthe place of the missing. I cry out for youyou’re deaf nowit’s hard to listenwhen your back is turned. No one blames youfor me and this moodteetering on an edge. I’m just as happyhaving these wordsbeing the handsome steward. Oh will anyonetruly […]

Inhale and holdingthe thick smell of smokesurrounds and engulfs,just as the battle ragesa second day of violencedraws everyone to their places. We’ve come togetherto take and overthrowwe’re set to capture because I’ve grown tiredwaiting on you. If this weresome other timewe’d already bein the fightfor our tepid lives. When I close my eyesI can only […]

Phoenix eyes,staring at her prizeshe and her narrowly focused gaze,just ready to fight. Flames or otherwisethis girl will riseletting all the pain falla victory will healher singed wings. I was the one who pushed you to fly,now show us,the strength you hide insideyou’re our majestic bird. Pick up your focused eyesand share the world with […]

When the mess requires using two hands,the lubricationgets further inside. Careful puttingthe lid back onwe wouldn’t wantany gel to spill. Maybe that’s why we take the long waywhenever we’re in such a hurry. We’re actually pretty lucky to have this chancenow that we’re all lubricatedsome would forget to askis friction the happy source?Skin against skinthere […]

Time goes against love.A word we swore to erasenever to be used again. Just as the hours counted downwe were impossibly drawnalmost forced to usethat dreaded word again. From behind our closed doorit took only minutesto strip her completely free. She loves just standing thereshowing exactly wheremy hungry mouth was starving to feed. I love […]

Her temperamental sideshe looks and asks,are we playing tonight?From there it made perfect senseI’d listen to every word,coming from,the world’s most perfect girl. There in a doorway, she stoodwith this hungry lookwanting to get started. I was the only one invited to join her make-believe world we’d pretend we were strangersmeeting for the first time. […]

This is her first verse,perhaps her tragic surrendercoming forward from a placethat only she can remember.The start of her storyis based on one blessed night, she kissed her strangerand at that timeonly she understoodthe impact it would haveon all their lives.The girl is far removedfrom attention’s graspholding firmly to her waisther curves fit perfectlyin the […]

Majestic and or otherwisethe girl listens to Jazz. I stare and watch every move,she lifts and tips her glass. Nothing has ever mattered more,so she acknowledges the momentand blows a kiss at last. I wait for her eyes to return,she moves to the rhythm,drawing almost too close at times. It’s here she whispers her favorite […]

Standing underneath a grove of autumn treesthe girl and her charmscompliment each other. One can’t really tellwhere the sky begins,all that I can confess,I can only stare. There are certain wordsthat are often whispered a thousand different ways of course. I watch as she stepsthe ground sits converedin the most colorful of leaves. Her arms […]

Out on the couchthe fire is too hot,she gives herself a toastto new beginnings. Her glass is full of iceit’s there to cool her temperamental side. That side where,she’s a seductive scientistcreating the chemistrydrawing me to her. I owe her nowfor putting these imagesdeep inside my mind. Seductively,she’s always so quietI honestly can’t tell anyonehow […]

This is my early hourstanding alongside a bitter night,just as I’ve always done. The sun is on the vergeof staging another battleI try to keep the moonfrom her bitter rival. Oh what I’ve done?The early songbirdsare getting ready to sing,perhaps this is the morningthe jealous moon has already won. From the heavensto our beloved GodsI […]

If in a dayI saw you loveI could easily pretendto ignore your love.Would youcontinue to bemy one and only?I implore you loveto choose your one,either way,just say the wordsor remain silentjust as you’ve done. I can very easily remain in my worldsimply to be a fooland write how muchI love you. I dare those wordscome […]

I wonder if you’ll truly laugh, like how you did when you were barefoot walking on our muddied path. Are you that same silly girl that could remember a thousand words and then recite them in no time flat. I ask this of you simply because I’m starting to forget just how and why exactly […]

Crushed black velvet her favorite color against her dark corduroy. This oversized sweater coat a double wrapped covering around her kind of curvy waist. Two very large buttons, hide the girl all hidden away. First things first, or her first expression to me always making sure “Are you ok?” Dressed up tonight against the bitter […]

Can you hear me? I get the fever has a hold on her I have drowned inside myself trying not to use her exact words. I’m comfortable being vague meaning nothing to her from the outside at least. I’ve long since washed her away, my mind is stuck and spinning she was technically my first […]

Even if, I could stand far away from her she’d still insist I come closer to her because she wants to hear me read her favorite books. Nighttime air she loves to lie here half dressed sometimes, just to make sure my eyes still wander. There’s more to her I can honestly swear she keeps […]

The girl has spent weeks now learning the new rules with more of the lessons still to go, it was time to show what she knew. Instructions were as simple as Time and Attention are yours, unsure, but confident inside in to the gathering she strode. First, an older gentleman holding coins asking her to […]

I can clearly see where it is you’re coming from. You’re my one true hero not some bitter man that can’t let go. I love when unspoken words are truly left unopened. I can’t wait to be picked back up, so I can rest in your hands. I close my eyes and wish on you, […]

From the inside time settles and begins to count out loud. This backwards counting clock looking backwards, is not looking back. Over a polished pristine shoulder I know there’s no use in going back there’s no hope in changing you. So little sleep for now, just tiny naps to keep us barely safe far from […]

Cupid has made a final purchase a state of the art bow. This high powered beauty. A bow that’s gaurunteed to pierce through anything. Anyone foolish to stand near him will surely feel his arrow. Especially that golden beauty the one with the glamorous shine. Cupid and his carbon fiber bow, super lightweight and easy […]

Small are the openings when the quiet good times are where we look before we fall. Everybody has a certain way why they look, how they look from the inside out, even the flawed are all pretty. Yesterday, when you actually looked, taking the time to act, like you were some-what interested from the inside […]

With these late thoughts wondering where you’ve gone, perhaps I’m the one, lost, while wading around in this room. A space that is vacant, yet cramped. I’ve come to memorize every inch there’s barely enough space for my thoughts to gather properly. First light comes this morning, that eye opening moment where you find the […]

I can’t wait to run up to the girl the one who’s currently giving herself away, some could say for free. The thrill in the sex hours, lost somewhere in my head I was thinking about forever, it’s been some time since we sat across one another avoiding those judgmental eyes that can’t seem to […]

The early years are so easily wasted the spent lovers lie in the naked streets. Bodies hang loosely over each other, a bitter taste of nicotine stains their lips. Still, those two crave even more much more than the other can give. There has been light constant rain calling for their kissing hour to start. […]

The day I wrote my first poem every inch of my soul was still buried under this deep soil. With miles more still to go, I’ve kept on writing these poems posting a string of non-stop words, some could argue they make little sense, while others have spent hours digging themselves even further down. Then […]

After all, today is the moment of truth, with no two ways about it, it’s getting harder and harder this thing I’m trying to explain. There are some girls who complain about people and their reactions, like an obvious infection, that’s sometimes hard to expel. So perhaps this irrational love feature, most likely genomed in […]

Trying to see her for myself in a crowd of strangers. I’m over here, trying to get close again. I can’t quite move forward, there’s too much glass on the floor and I swore I swept earlier before. Trying to avoid the shards now, I can’t quite afford getting cut on this her deliberate voice […]

From the start of yesterday words were coming to the surface there for a second, but then soon gone. The Utopiangirl had reappeared, and with little or no real notice she was tucked up in her usual position. Her pristine favorite place, and even though she hates that word there’s something about her pain that […]

The girl said to improve, a girl with a perfect smile has always expected better, after all, she’s still my favorite drug. Up and under the garden gate there is no outward love she’s always inward and guarded. The Queen still giving commands on the edge of this hour waiting to read something she’d actually […]

Most of us write on this, single Saturday, when things have gotten all mixed up. We’re supposed to be the ones who take notice and write it all down picking up on things, most others have missed or forgotten. Unfortunately my attention doesn’t quite span the chasm between us now. You’re way up there high […]

The fever swears fingers grip and clutch hard, it’s getting impossible to breathe. A better way is out there somewhere still, we can’t turn, not until we have a satisfactory answer. Would you mind if we prayed together? Come join me on sensitive elbows recite words about heaven that glorious supposed better place, I’m here […]

Even on a perfect day there are moments to remember, from the start of it all it’s hard to feel brand new when everyone expects the same outcome. Come hold my my hand, I’ll show you there is this place far from what you’re thinking. I can only count on myself so I’ve seen things […]

Sentimental pictures we work hard on capturing most times, love sits somewhere else. We’re often missing that one stance or pose always trying to line things up. Come sit with me here in this sterile room, in real terms, where we could trade ideas. All we ever really wanted was to be truly needed to […]

The mystery and connected clues spread out here before us, too cautious, and you’re sure to miss out. With summer now almost gone come count these last hours down. On tiptoes looking up, always looking up from where bellies undulate hands sway on curves and hips the heavy air insists remove clothes. There on the […]

The upstart girl void of stars in the eyes, she needs to be hated to feel good inside. She’ll push us aside because she doesn’t want to feel we need her she’ll make the perfect excuse why we need to up and leave her. It will never matter how we feel when we fell in […]

The first of the four nights, she dreams of the warm winds and by clockwork they start. Starting out slowly at first, she walks barefoot enjoying the change half of her looks at the horizon, while that other side, sees something coming over shoulder. Heavily and on purpose she loves and embraces change fully, barely […]

In the idle darkness answers trickle to the surface for now though, one can’t breath underwater. It’s getting easier taking tiny sips of air, no one hasn’t really noticed yet, I was punched in the gut. Forever is unlike anything else. On the edge of relaxed dreaming coming back to count and ask a feeling […]

I am tempted to call you my lover, but those are just words pretty and stunning the perfect girl. I want to reach and trace pull her into position that submissive space where everything is negotiated. There are required requirements where we exist in equal measure we balance both brain and might start a set […]

Under a temperamental sky and all Violet woke to a burning smell her love had escaped and gone. An out of control feeling was free, she found today to be dangerous hard to just breath in. Violet knew, she belonged to one, she pulled her hair tightly in place, here to face the devil alone […]

She adores having hands taking control over her affections, she’s somewhat lost when it comes to hand holding. With fistfuls of hair she reaches and grabs securing the very steps that will steady her. She raises her voice because certain words have avoided her she looks at her parents that everlasting everything escapes her. She […]

A grown man’s shadow stands alongside her the lucky girl sings to celebrate quietly to herself she turns to her sensitive side and thinks about the person who loves her most. Inside a set of pretty words these are the undulating poems a forgotten language of course that somehow wrap around her holding tightly to […]

Trying to outshine the outside light on this, the special night. I came forward and asked would you mind if, we sang in the dark? We could trip and fall on top of our perfect melody and all. You’re so fucking beautiful. I’ll carry you out across whatever stage you choose, my beloved superstar with […]

The first and only look, a one time glance coming from the part of this girl that pains her to stare. The temperature code, she swears, she’s seen this look before, tired of turning away eyes are properly set up inside of another hour we don’t mind paying her price. When she dances, her perfume […]

Accidental or otherwise she was dancing as per usual wearing mismatched socks, pretty much nothing else could divert my eyes from her. I swore I wouldn’t let her show up again like some well meaning stranger showing me this new move or step. Innocent or otherwise I may as well admit I’ve signed myself over […]

Heavy hands, wanting that girl back, in this, the playful season the summer of 2020. That cold insensitive look coming from the girl wearing black lipstick. The night skies are all warm perfect for keeping the windows open and this is how the day starts trying to beat the sunrise. It’s summer now, the girl […]

There on the edge a blanketed room quickly filled, she stood there, fists at the ready. Cheering to the punches she squarely landed the blows front page news, she was in love and she took every possible chance to bring her opponent down. Looking in awe at the display modern barbarism at play here she […]

The biggest candlelit eyes, locked while staring up, she’s counting out loud again waiting on the exact amount drugs clutched in tightly she takes my arm, you’re stuck with me she jabs the needle downward. Romance has always been kind poison lipstick and all we’ll kiss these feelings away tonight will be dangerous. Going all […]

There is no more room for birthday cards from you. Deny truth to be a liar there was never enough room for good words on paper. I’m not sure why I needed to be told today about these skipped over years, years that have been kind. Time has been kept quiet, dutifully, as if sharing […]

It seems so serious this need you hold for me. To get inside and knock me back a dramatic life threatening fever, the loss of taste my goodness my skin is oh so flush. Without excess energy I suddenly find myself in a hurry to cover up. Breathless almost out of breath the number of […]

The God’s very forcefully asked show us love through your eyes. Reluctantly, the camera she grabbed, so unsure at the beginning, just a bit of encouragement the frames she photographed instantly came to life. Something as simple as, a dramatic milk bath the girl wrapped in red beauty played with light and contrast there in […]

From the start of the season the rains came heavily down rain has long been predicted, the monsoons of love. A torrential flooding tonight with our path being eaten up, we climbed to higher ground and up there for the first real time I saw this pretty look. In a flash, the sky had really […]

A quickening pulse I am rendered helpless here, for she is my strongest hour. Always my first thought she insists I help her count in the middle of the night propped up on elbows talking nonsense. My kind of love stretches across the decades my words come in equal measure whispered or forcefully choked I […]

In this, the one and precious hour there seems to be this one who thrives on a glorious drug the want and need of attention. There is nothing more divine than to have everyone at your side thinking that this is the precious hour, the blessed final one. I beg to beg differently, calling out […]

Time and attention she swore, she always swears when serious. She wants nothing more than a perfect relationship. A union where, one is simply allowed to please, the other has firm control. Her gift is to be the pleaser, it’s a rush and the biggest thrill of course, she swears both have to agree to […]

What matters most, during this, her praying hours are her pretty looks. Tonight she must decide, exactly who, gets all her attention now. Her choices are somewhat blind, still, she can see perfectly fine. She swears to be kind giving while trying to please as sensitive strangers surround her now. The girl twists her long […]

We love our sons when they stumble awkwardly, our sons who look up to us wanting our unconditional love. Sons depend on their fathers even when that father is single working two jobs to keep up. A father who may also be his mom. We love our sons, so they can give fully of themselves, […]

Time and attention collide from the filthy streets an innocent man was murdered. Still, police on horseback those poor horses thrust into our violence. Under the weight of a curfew we’ve got minutes to decide if we’ll pull up with our white peers. There on the edge, words are smashed in our faces windows exploded […]

To tell the truth we ask if anyone cares, they won’t begin to answer. There’s always someone out there that one true giver begging to be the one who is forever chosen to out perform all the rest. Would you sit even closer if I had been the one to ask I nudge her closer […]

Against a wall we are burdened in heavy thoughts. Still, one of us has to be reminded how to love. Yesterday when we sat atop the news we spent hours trying to talk, quietly, the words never came we inspected the images in silence. Today we face the news we stare at our beloved everlasting […]

There are words, and then there are other words. Time is about to break again time will go against time and not be my friend. I’ll find myself on the other side, hiccup crying or otherwise lost somewhere in my throat choking on a devastated memory. This ugliness has shown its face before. I am […]

The beauty code erupted inside a locking sequence had engaged she swore she’d never feel this way there on the edge brokenness she wasn’t so beautiful then keeping her toes face forward whatever was inside would most likely pass. Everything else always did. She briefly looked into a mirror, still as pretty as ever, just […]

Time and attention beliefs, she asks, can you follow all of my commands? He stumbles forward into place, she undoes that one specific clasp, she asks, do I need to remind you always keep up with the duty at hand. She quickly jerked him in place, now on all fours, she squared her 2 point […]

There on top of a treasure sat my most prized possession. I can catch myself staring into trouble, the girl and her charms demand my time and attention are exclusively hers. She’s free to push whatever button, as long as she agrees, to care. Not carry my temperamental mood neatly in her side pocket. We […]

Working on and against the minutes she battles to stay afloat wanting to lay down like yesterday long before there were little ones. She finds herself too tired again she’s waited throughout the day trying to keep herself busy and in her own way where she’s free to roam half dressed or otherwise. Most days […]

Awake and wanting answers many have asked before and from this moment forward no one needs to question don’t worry about paying love forward after all this time together. I have had the cure all this time. Learn to simply trust offer some different side of yourself very early on we lean on each other […]

Interwoven tightly spun fabric hangs loosely on the edges papers that support us are strewn all over the place like we don’t care anymore. We were so careful then pretending we had this perfect place. I couldn’t help but miss her, got in the way and of course there was this agreeable aggression pinning our […]

From the start of something there are beautiful ones that would gladly let Troy burn. Having had just one, it was impossible to convince her to see how life was from on the other side with the rest of us. The best advice if you’re with one you had better accept her for how she […]

With everyday lining up unlike all the rest I warned there would be limits. Tomorrow I’ll take her to a private sandy place, an ancient dune perhaps where I’ll read to her from my favorite book. I can already anticipate her excitement from underneath a blanket, she’ll remove her top, she loves watching my eyes […]

Counting backwards keeping to the numbers we promised we’d memorize. Protected and guarded she nudges to be by my side I secretly grab ahold of her and tug her into position long before peering eyes ever notice. The summer heat is the change that is almost upon us, she is a reminder of myself of […]

The beautiful edges keep the heartache from eroding away what’s playing in my head, what’s playing inside again. Yesterday was perfect for you because your arms were wide open. Thoughtful songs sung well into the night love seems to never give up love never gets old even as people complain at this late night hour […]

The smallest target through a keyhole I can just barely see her it’s all I get her distorted figure undressing in the moment. It’s impossible really to act like I love her, she can see straight through me and my squinted looks. I can’t help but disapprove of the girl, who has always had this […]

There is thirst this hour and I’m already craving her everyday there is this challenge to leave things in a way, that suggest, we were never really here in the first place. Falling down on broken knees to palms I wouldn’t mind if she were down on all fours always trying to look up asking […]

A twisted thought of hers just let the softness come in let the skin to skin properties bury the feelings we try and hide. From the start she walked in a way that meant something else, a heavy pulse breathing finding it hard to swallow the girl I’m sure meant well if only she knew […]

The morning hook reaching in and underneath she slips to her favorite position, her soft shell is strong enough to hold both of them. This position of theirs has been working for centuries. She holds tightly to the sides interwoven and locked this is their first time and her generous want is overflowing. tiny twisted […]

Even if I were the one diagnosed with something epic, instead of a girl in Hawaii I guess I’d still ask if you wanted to write to me for however long it took me to rearrange my life. Today I guess I’m ready to listen to your diagnosis I’ll probably stop you 50 times or […]

There are very few that are as colorful as you, sure, we could try and scrub it off it’s no use really we’d only make your skin raw. Yesterday when we were quarantined we laid in the tub, celebrating, our entangled body parts were a site to enjoy. It was easy enough though to naturally […]

Over there in the rain the girl was pinned properly of course, against coarse fence boards being kissed hard like this, as if, this was her one and only chance. Temptation poured down over them against a late night hour before the end of a shift. Headlights never mattered they were blind to the outside […]

To the girl who cannot sleep make no mistake you’ve always been here, always awake, trying to finish one day before a new one starts. Some say, there is one sure fire way to dance in that slumbered state, but I wonder if the girl who has so much to say would listen to her […]

I walk on this tightrope a wire stretched dangerously thin at any second it could break. I understand that’s why there are so many onlookers it’s easier to sell tragedy there’s more to show just keep a clean distance apart. Our new world changed us overnight I brought my mouth up to his and he […]

The bluest wings her eyes sparkle and shine maybe I’ve always belonged here after all I am the first one to lay lyric after lyric deep in the belly of her arms. She’s addicted to the godforsaken words written in her favorite books. I try and keep up taking notice of where her eyes turn. […]

It started out at 9am head over heels in love with her. I couldn’t control it then just a pretty smell her perfumed scent I devoured her beauty it was just enough to send me head over heels in love with her, sadly though, by noon I forgot to look she wasn’t stopping by my […]

Taste the change with me, call me Daddy, if you like being treated like a baby girl. If that’s something you want to feel swear alongside me we can look at the television and dream of other people making fun of their vanilla houses. Come home and undress put on your tightest fitting leather I’ll […]

Did you see the look that crept into their eyes it’s no use now to hide they’re completely blind. I want someone to come take my hand and show me how to love before I catch some deadly virus and become a burden that no one wants to touch. Today I am handsome otherwise I […]

There is this side drawn up inside deep in the belly in all of us. Who amongst us can truly choose or decide just hot much love they’re willing to divide? Can we separate ourselves from our-selves? This might be a play on words you can decide for yourself, but first, you must trust that […]

The romance in chasing my one and only real true love, even as sick as that must sound I can’t help but notice the eyes of certain strangers draw me in, but it’s no use really I can’t stay with them when I’m this infected. I swear I’ll keep on writing no matter how long […]

You promised and said I never would have to worry love, yet here I am playing with temptation. I wish I could just start over, it’s just, I never would because I am in love with just you. My one and only one has me thinking again I never would be left here again. I […]

The girl is alive I can’t help but promise to lay still underneath her hypnotic spell. She puts her tiny hands half over my eyes, and still, the light dissapears. There’s no chance in returning to the defeated, perhaps I’ve been claimed. Taken by her cruel kind of love, still, she asks I stand perfectly […]

Life has a story all its own and in all honesty there’s no room to complain especially when we see the others struggling. Too deep to reach the bottom it’s the bluest water one has ever seen. I wonder if life has a remedy cleanser next week we’ve all been warned a treacherous virus has […]

Connect the electrical cord to the base of my wrists you could flip the switch whenever you wanted to give me the shock of my life. I prefer to wear Tom Ford me and my manageable look I’ve been chasing for years now. There’s always someone chasing right along side me I could never have […]

There on the bathroom floor one can clearly count the hours spent heaped up in piles. Obviously, she loves more than most, even if, she’s always in a hurry to run and disappear. I’m not sure her love that’s so strewn about will ever be enough, but I guess I remind her of every time […]

The repeating has begun again. What started out as some vacant whisper has managed to force its way back into my mind. No one has me so trapped inside I gently say your name just before bed. I close my eyes get all shut down lying perfectly still and start to remember just how you […]

The temple steps she’s my one and only the sun is at its highest so excited to spend time with her we are wearing all white everything was revealed bronzed and honied shoulders glisten the hours we spent outside. Kneeling in prayer now we love in equal measure as if, doubt sometimes creeps in someone […]

Inked stories on both her arms quietly keeping to herself the music pounds and pushes through walls that are now breathing. Temperamental and moody that advice of hers she closes the space here between the both of us she whispers a set of commands. Words mix and swirl in the sweltering humidity we’re anxious to […]

There are counting flaws, we all see different patterns here in the everyday objects. Still, something surround us. From a young age we’ve all been taught to be careful please do not touch or disturb certain surfaces. It’s crazy to think tonight love sits in the balance some will freely fall, while others will hang […]

When time was limited we rushed and hurried forgetting all our little sayings. When we were in such a rush we let the hours pass, however, we need to hurry up feel and then say all those things, say what loving meant to us. The anger and hurt were there, just the same too, when […]

This day for lovers all the parts are perfectly scripted the players stand at the ready, tonight will be a performance. A soft almost delicate bracelet glistening with newness it’s hard to imagine love could dull or vanish. Yet today, one anticipates if the words will ever come? Pulling the petals from flowers am I […]

Praying on broken knees to palms, for this, my daily offering to a filtered girl who asks I gather my attention and give up my words so she can read the words about herself. She states or asks, if I understand she wants me writing poetry for the span of my lifetime a good 80 […]

With a set of written instructions, oh please don’t forget, a plea to take care of the beauties there on the flower terrace. There was an exact schedule to keep. Pampered and perfectly guarded she sits so perfectly still, from the start until this moment each day and night equally fell. The pain that she […]

Tell Me again how many times you’d spread yourself, like some blessed thin layer offering yourself to others? In the curve of the left arm she held the needle still eyes were locked into eyes, “Hurry love!” In an instant the fire was lit so alive now  burning white hot. One must admit to have […]

To count every lock, every obstacle of time one can only imagine the time it takes to wander aimlessly around trying to choose the exact key. Are our first choices always the best to consider or should we wait for a different answer? The longevity of time seems so impossible at times especially when a […]

Each and every time she twists and turns the key I seem to always open up and let her in. The truth in her, she wants to be closer a true part of my skin she’s just not satisfied until we’re both underneath sharing the same things. Love’s decay, holds on to me tightly and […]

Slowly coming in the cold air is finally here. I’m careful now crawling up against her soft textured skin. This girl and her kind of love I’ve never felt before, she’s the one. This girl, and all her romantic charms she slinks up close asks me to pretend with every kiss, she swears, she’s exclusively […]

The girl with conversation ammunition coming from her sweet meritless tongue. She freely speaks with this sexy attitude where there are no limits something that obviously draws and attracts me in. I’m her blind stranger retelling a lifetime of memories I make her laugh I’m afraid to admit she has me in her aim. This […]

With an outstretched voice typed out on this screen, please don’t take offense if I swipe left. There’s something about everyone making them worth being swiped right. I may not feel this culture stumbling around the room going from conversation, to conversation, being judged by questions I’d never ask. Still, I can’t help but consider […]

Tonight the skies went quiet, pandemic’s grasp came swiftly my friend died today a victim to Covid.19. For the first real time, this pandemic, sits at my doorstep. Uncomfortable cannot describe this feeling of unsettled panic like there’s still more of a score to settle. “Want not, waste not.” something my friend would say, perhaps […]

Unclothed the fable of the mermaid lies quietly in my bath. I swore I wouldn’t tell and it’s not likely I’d be believed. Anyway, her soft sounds the relief of finally finding water, this water, with a hint of salt. Slightly above tepid her shoulders glisten recharge just underneath her patterns start to appear. Scale-like […]

What started out as this backwards look or glance the girl turned to inspect the room full of strangers. It didn’t take much to take particular notice the girl had a certain look with eyes all dreamy meant she’d soon be in love. Love stopped all rational thought. Stuck now, with her in mind over […]

Love means you’ll need convincing keep your feet firmly planted there in the sensitive garden. At some point you’ll change you’ll either give or take instructions and just when you think you’re settled you’ll be shown that there in the corner is your biggest secret that has yet to be revealed. Eventually you’ll be convinced […]

A cramped window allows just enough sunlight to feed temptation, to read again. Eyes fall on the latest letter a struggle at this hour oh to only see the girl, standing perfectly still. There in her late night gown or dress it does not matter, just as long as she has come. I bring her […]

With eyes red, dust she’d swear. From the far off reaches Violet was wandering alone in the desert, just as her throat begs, she thinks of her Sir. His heavy handed use of words always flooding her it hasn’t rained in years and yet, Violet is hopeful tonight there will be this downpour. She turns […]

Maybe you won’t say you love me in a way I’d believe, besides, who’s counting the petals she loves me, she loves me not. To the girl who started following today your love of water is all together something I could touch and feel. The newness in words, she struggles still with the weight of […]

There are love-sick words found in the good envelopes where I get the chance to relieve my love drawn eyes. To simply read your soft openings in the words where you confess just how much you love me and mine. Anything that comes from your love stained hands I’m drawn to you and yours. No […]

The agreed upon set of words always meant we’d have time those minutes came fast and flooding. And all at once we were deep inside, living the words in songs in love, technically there was nowhere to stand. Me and those hands, I hope you won’t mind when I reach in and grab that little […]

Once the numbers had started we knew there was no going back. So early and often, each turn was met with a choice, and so, the number combinations stopped being a coincidence. With the girl firmly in hand she secretly swore, these feelings we were having were simply passing pounding. I was eager to believe […]

Motivated to try and inch up getting close means the trigger source will be there to touch and play with a string of heavy demands commanding time and attention to be exclusively ours. In other words, what I meant to say was go ahead and come close tiptoe there on the edge, so that eyes […]

With a thousand blinks and sighs Violet hid quietly from the world. And up until her words needed life she was perfectly content in knowing she loved with everything never leaving things for chance. Against the usual misunderstandings she was more than tangled inside living with a half-broken heart Violet was denied the truth. With […]

The choice is between the written or spoken words from the person I’m most in love with, and yes, some can’t comprehend the importance however, I suggest you take a moment and thoroughly explore them. Oh to tell a story with exaggerated expressions arms move and sway with action, there to simply reinforce intentions. We […]

I can clearly taste the exact places you’ve been, because in my eyes, unlike all the rest those traveled places become the cherished little gifts. Stripped for me you stand in your place ready to let me feed your wrist, the first offering. I trace until your eyes fall backwards and in this nothingness of […]

Tripping over the last time I felt you loved me, the neon glow inside doesn’t quite work how it used to when your quiet footfalls walked alongside me. I don’t mind if we could be like how we used to be. There’s something safe about knowing what I don’t. I turn to see if it’s […]

The inspiration was never too far away from yesterday and forward I swore I would take each day pretending it was some cherished gift. Spend time with me, so we can illustrate love behind the backs of everyone while they pray in church. Oh my goodness, you’re prettier than I ever imagined, the pictures you […]

Her eyes awash in this particular shadow she narrowed her focused it was the warmest of warm. Her fingers centered and cupped perfectly one could seemingly drink forever and it went on like this for hours. To be hand picked or chosen it felt amazing to be her prized possession to give without permission, she […]

Tell me to stop writing I’m pretty sure I can’t just move on and go. You’re out of my grasp sure, I’m reminded I should let it slip it was something you said there’s no one better than you to love me in this lifetime. Change is an honest friend my reminder time moves, just […]

The temperamental softer side touches and plays with loss yesterday was easy to say goodbye. Today against 4 equal promises voices tempt to tell me otherwise, the whole hole you left inside it was no surprise my optimism was fooled. All emotions have been buried and covered up still, the soil is swept clean exposing […]

There in the sunlight playful things begin a pressed mouth plays for me. And from the start of things everything has always worked out, I know I have a few hours still until everything gets too heavy and dark. She’s always easy, she shares her web with me, from the corner of her window to […]

Star drunk lover go ahead and cast your spell on the eve of another night let the heavy love-like breathing start. I can already tell it’s going to be easy spending these 10,000 hours alongside you. I hope you won’t mind if I sing the songs I keep under my bed it’s fair to suggest […]

She craved the sensitive words  wanting that infectious tight grip taking her to an edge tiptoeing trying to keep up. The stinging kisses left their mark and none of her friends could ever truly understood. The truth in leather I suppose, this particular girl liked being spanked, it was her delightful pleasure source. The one […]

With more and more I suppose we’ve started to collect and gather our unique and divine love~trinkets. In our late night hour jaunts our busy hands are magnetized touching and hiding in places we probably don’t belong, but still I’d rather be in this place alongside the girl with the heavy eyes. I never have […]

Words sit strangled, choked by two sets of thoughts, here she sits separate, but equal. Some words come from us, our handsome stranger, unwavering in truth and kindness unless there is a lie that needs to be told. We give perhaps more than what was initially bargained. There is this whole other side, where she […]

Unapologetic music plays ever so sweetly, while the weight of yesterday turns we made out and did other things. From across the bedroom two very proper arrows stuck and found their perfect mark. Still, we insist on taking turns trying not to flinch or turn, the sweat on our bodies is pretty. The want plays […]

I felt like loving again here against a second chance today something stirred in her too. She reached out just the same to me, coming across the finish line all out of breath and sincere, for as blind as I might be even I know what the truth to be. This time won’t be any […]

I am no ones perfect against a million blinks and sighs I can’t help but do this look stare in all honesty, I’m standing here just wanting to fall on top of you. If it meant I needed to confess I’d be the first to admit, I’d bend on broken knee to palm and say […]

The spirited change I gain when I’m near or next to you, there is this fucked up detonation I can’t stop thinking of the girl, it’s quite dangerous if we touch. Yesterday, wearing that tiny swimsuit I watched their envious eyes clip and undress the rest of you naked in such a public way. The […]

Like yesterday and the day before we want things to remain the same, to be all predictable and boring just as it’s always been. Honestly, you’ve lied to us before I know what’s coming, come tomorrow, with her heavy rains for some time now even I tried to ignore the quiet with everything being so […]

Both sides of the day play heavily in their minds. What started out as ordinary has quickly turned to divine. Sharp tasting foods make life bitter, as equally are the sweet sugary things these are their binding agents words mixed with a hint of desire starting a want that’s hard to extinguish. If not by […]

This title is not for the attention alone, the girl wants more explicit detail something akin to having to hide her phone while reading these poems. Listen, I completely want you starting from the bottom of your feet when we fuck you press them to my chest those perfectly manicured toes kissed are kissed and […]

Lightly sun-kissed freckles her skin gets even softer here in these summer hours. With two very distinct tan lines cutting diagonally across her bottom, she knows the contrast is desired she loves watching His eyes light up a trigger for her beloved. A thumb tips her chin, she softly smiles. The girl wants to firmly […]

This was her hour sitting and waiting high above the others. The girl was given her instructions, but still she was so heavily torn. Nothing had ever come easy, all that He instructed was to comfortably kneel and wait. Sensitive to please, she loved this path she turned to listen for Him making sure eyes […]

Still, she never truly asked if time and attention was hers to gift and share as she pleases. Still, she’s the one with the contract our working document spelling out the terms how and when we’ll interact. She insists this all just an act playing the perfect princess who’s a little too noble to share […]

Each timetable stands on its own merit. There has to be a certain balance in the air where perfume hangs. This room has a calm demeanor from an occasional whiff of a cigarette, except, no one there smokes. This passing moment sits heavily in the throat a hard pulse nervously keeps a rhythm there are […]

The morning flowers ready themselves, an early sun warms velvet petals birds are the first to celebrate. Last night got dangerously cold, even still, it’s the middle of summer no one wants to hear our complaints about carefree and everlasting mornings. Today will be an even longer day, too many people know our faces the […]

With arms tightly folded her hourglass silhouette lay there, just as the hour softly turned time was nearly out. On knees to broken palms he did everything to get to her, the words he whispered had no affect. She was tight lipped and in control, he asked if she were ready stepping forward and offered […]

Last night your perfume transferred you were left on my sheets when they smell like this I can’t help but write. Listen, you’re the girl riding on the saddle thumbs hooked and guiding loosely around your waist making sure your ride is steady and safe. Together we go up and over all the hills and […]

Emotions fell by the wayside there wasn’t much to discuss, flashbulbs seemed to do all the talking. Summer meant being wasteful sunbathing with late afternoon drinks reading about some heinous murder. People were warned to stay away from her time passed without too much interference, that was until, she fell in love. The dreadful circumstances […]

With time and attention returned it was altogether too agonizing to leave her, from the first time until now the spirit guide has dragged me back. There on the edge of her careful side her dress up nights are always fun playful tiny outfits that are just enough to keep these eyes from going blind. […]