When Love Feels

When devotion is born from two sides it's easy to see how and why a temporary bond can join. Temporary simply because time can't stand still or alone. Where one wants and shares the other may give and please, this balance is easily transferable. Love has its own currency some choose to hoard and save, … Continue reading When Love Feels

Can You See?

With rarely used eyes imperfectly perfect as they are you're the crowd favorite it's hard not to notice why the beautiful distracted girl always remains the same. Standing here in front of stone even I try not to notice, this difficult path ahead I casually turn and look away today there is something special. Beauty … Continue reading Can You See?

Welcome Home

In the solitude of these hours the house slowly wakes. Plastic garbage bags strewn about a first year of college is finally over. Today is like the first day of summer, even if it were a month too soon. The sky looks so differently here, the previous years of drought are gone. The memory floods … Continue reading Welcome Home

These Connections

It's been a while since we last met that intense desire to get you undressed we try making small talk, it never works. Thumbs to waist getting pants off, jumping in an excited bed begging to feel alive again. Cold knees on hips, the saddle, squeezing with your weight. The forgotten the playlist, hands awkwardly … Continue reading These Connections

The King and His Epic Battle to Defend Faith Moore Hill

His arm feels particularly numb today. He was involved in an epic battle. His Kingdom needed defending, an enemy was advancing the people needed their King. The battlefield lay strewn, empty with the disbelievers, who doubted, the royal leader would defend all honor. There were pools blood left out on that hilltop, that by all … Continue reading The King and His Epic Battle to Defend Faith Moore Hill

Love Letters

By now you have had a glass of wine, it's hard to image your love letters no one actually writes anymore. We stare at our phones, misinterpreting text messages trying to use fastest shortcut to express what it is we feel. Sometimes when you call you can sneak away in private, not letting anyone know … Continue reading Love Letters

Chain Linked Love

With the newness still in the air stopping abruptly now is absurdly out of the question especially since we should of seen what we missed. Sure the security blanket failed I'm sorry love for being here next to your extended arm, down on broken knees to palms. If only I knew how to drag you … Continue reading Chain Linked Love

The Locks on Doors

The door was left unlocked abandoned by a lover's hand someone has been here before there is a hint of perfume. The center of the middle time chooses its own path days become our companions, it's important to take chances to work out any fears. Words become keys to centuries old locks, just a gentle … Continue reading The Locks on Doors