Jump Into Safety

Questioning fate

I quietly asked if she needed anything.

The girl is truly dependable

and to think that anyone

would come out and help,

she never questions intent.

Having had the questions asked,

she thinks to herself

the next act must come quick

not thought out and planned.

She’s sorrows sweet friend.

It’s hard to simply forget

to naturally place things

in the back of the mind.

Hesitate, and I may not wait,

such answers are gut instincts

the girl is in indecisive

in her, her answer hides.

It’s hard to imagine why

she’d ever say anything

that would jeopardize the buoyancy

of a perfectly balanced ship.

In other words,

there aren’t a set of pretty words

that will ever really save her.

Either she blindly leaps

or she’ll be pushed.

If only one could supplant her imperfections.

The truth would come out

as sorrow cannot answer.

Her mind is truly overturned.

I want you

I want her

to stay half way around the world.

Don’t plan on coming back.

This other side of the wall

has been beautifully decorated,

in fact,

it’s no barrier at all.

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