Read the Poetry

There are certain words

that sit heavily in our throats,

they’re sometimes hard to speak

we get all choked up.

The syllables keep piling up,

it’s tempting to just blindly read

focus on the string

and ignore their meaning.

Go ahead and just read the poetry,

let a group of sensitive words

fall silent in admiration.

Perhaps a soliloquy of love

come and count the stars

so we could walk barefoot in the mud

and have our super real sensations.

Quiet are the footfalls,

the neon lights,

that outline our steps

in this sacred geometry of love

where the angles

must make perfect sense.

Sell your ancient beliefs,

truths that only you can defend.

Time honored and unconditional,

all of us are here to celebrate words.

We do our due diligence

some must write a blog,

others share their opinions,

the poets are simply confused

writing their broken lyrics.

Our illiterate annotations

where one person said we should use

more and more exclamations!!!!

To each is own I guess,

to the words in poems

we rhyme and express

yesterday was national Haiku day.


The forever touch

when we read the poetry

adds layers to life.


Enjoy today for what it is

these words I wish to share

and whether it is a national day

I write so

you have something to read.

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