Swim Again

With each new argument

the water rises,

still, you stay and fight

ignoring the advisory.

It’s not always easy

to see a way out

especially when you think

you’re on the high ground

winning every argument.

Yesterday, when you swore

you couldn’t swim

you waded even further out

and now that the water

is easily over your head

you’ve forgotten how to swim.

No one saw this coming,

and what started out

as a calm trickle of rain

it never let up.

The days rolled into weeks,

the weeks into months,

and so on.

The escape path

has been eroded away.

The waves pound the shore

tides rise high above

complicating all matters.

Sometimes the best chance

for something to work

is to just leave everything,

trust your gut instincts.

Look at the sky,

here with me,

it’s not letting up

time is running out.

Rather than stand your ground,

fight or flight,

just walk away

and learn to

swim again.


  1. You’re so very welcome! It was time for a serious life change! We don’t live forever. The moment presented itself and I took a leap of faith! Blindly, without a plan. I just knew to chance it! Best decision of my lifetime! Love love love the sincerity in your poteic voice! Keep writing your little gems! ☀️🙌 And thank you too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Myth. You’re always so kind. I love it. Change is scary for some, I’m super proud of of you for finding that ‘dream come true.’ Be your best self.


  3. ‘Sometimes the best chance

    for something to work

    is to just leave everything,

    trust your gut instincts.’ (Absolutely!) I lived those very lines ten years ago, and now I’m living a dream come true! There is a beautiful tender care in your poetry. Your signature trait! Nicely done, always! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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