Don’t let the lights

dim and flicker away

I don’t want to be left in here

just as I’ve been given a fresh start,

lying here in the darkest of nights.

Promise me everything,

so I won’t have to worry

about leaving a light on

walking into an empty house

messes with my mind.

All I ever need,

is a simple highlighted pathway

out in front of me

so I can see around

the harmless shadowy corners.

I know I swore

these dark times,

wouldn’t have to be yours too,

just this one time, will you

promise me please

you’ll make sure there are

fresh bulbs in their sockets.

My eyes are sensitive enough

without having to worry about

my dark times

getting in the way

blocking out whatever light

my desperate eyes use to see.

Yesterday you said,

it wasn’t a problem to love

my burden and other side

was easy enough

to control and handle with life.

I didn’t want to come here

and write something

to remind you

to leave the lights on.

I honestly don’t mind

spending the nights alone,

just as long as I know

you’re coming over

to check on and make sure

there’s at least one nightlight on,

just in case I forget

to get out of bed

and turn on the lights

so I can curl up

and write.

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