Sleep Cycle

To the girl
who cannot sleep
make no mistake
you’ve always been here,
always awake,
trying to finish one day
before a new one starts.
Some say,
there is one sure fire way
to dance in that slumbered state,
but I wonder if the girl
who has so much to say
would listen to her neon lights?
In the dead of night,
as she lay near 3am
her eyes are so wide awake
they have betrayed her again.
She’s always thinking.
She’s always ready to start.
There is this something
buried deeply
inside the brilliant girl.
She can’t wait to search
her eyes are wide open
there’s just enough light
to keep her mind busy
she circles over and over
until the hour is late.
Everyone else has recharged
while her battery waits.
We know things tumble
good days are mixed with the rest.
If only her eyes
would naturally fall silent
she would be happy and content, right?
On most days,
it’s fine if she doesn’t rest
only some would have noticed
she’s getting good at hiding.
Still, there is one true fire way
to join the others she envies,
just imagine putting the anxiety
truly to rest.
To finally lay satisfied
in the quietness
in ones own head.