Royal Gypsy

Love was answered

and it was torn.

There is still enough fabric though

to bring her back to life again,

because I need her now

on my better side

it’s where she naturally belongs.

Perhaps her fabric

was already damaged,

it’s too late to judge or know,

too late to be cut or sewn.

We were always in a hurry

I did my best to make sure

you had enough paper and pen

to write your love-drawn poems.

Trust when I say

that when Violet writes

it’s a special event for sure

no matter the time of day or night

because time with her

has always stood still.

This time though

she’s from a different world

where long distances

were covered in years

and not by phone.

My Royal Gypsy

I’m here to proclaim,

I lost track of time

it’s why I’m here

searching for you.

Strike down all my lapses,

for I am not afforded

such an excuse as time.

I am here to ask,

put your pen to paper again

we must share our words

for the world to judge

let them applaud or push them back.

So here you are

with an invitation or demand;

Please just blindly write

so that when it hits my eyes

I’ll spill an epic reply

and give back

more than what was taken.

~While Waiting On Violet~

The words in her beautiful lyrics

have always been her original thoughts

that are copyrighted and protected.

Still, she’s the one

who asks me to write,

as if they have some importance.

This post is our first loyal decree,

on broken knees to palms,

I have come all this way

to pray for her.

Today she may recount her love

a need to get in touch,

but just as easily

I could be dismissed

by the gentle flick

of the wrist.

I do not wonder

too far in my thoughts

waiting on Violet’s reply.

It’s neither lost nor stolen

I can see my Royal Gypsie

waiting on me

and my reply.


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