The King and His Epic Battle to Defend Faith Moore Hill

His arm feels

particularly numb today.

He was involved in an epic battle.

His Kingdom needed defending,

an enemy was advancing

the people needed their King.

The battlefield lay strewn,

empty with the disbelievers,

who doubted,

the royal leader would

defend all honor.

There were pools

blood left out on that hilltop,

that by all accounts,

the ground was too thick

hard to walk walk across.

Their King went out to find their flag,

he knelt down and kissed his enemy.

He released the built up hatred

left on both sides,

they were going to need to start over

without all the bloodshed.

Death had been sent away

without its most coveted prize,

at least for now.

With what’s left

the battle up on Faith Moore Hill

has long been since forgotten.

There are no more Kings

to come save the day.

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