A dull and dreamy night,

there is something stirring

in and amongst this dark and sullen sky.

I’ve traveled far this time

against a row of thirsty streets.

I haven’t heard or seen the things

I’d consider attention,

but still, I’ll wait my turn.

Here at the end of an afternoon

the sky seems burnt.

There are these expectations

set out and around me now,

with no real instruction booklet

telling me how…

It’s not hard to see why

I’m still stuck in this place.

It’s suddenly all calm and quiet

unlike, how yesterday was

with bellies full.

Maybe by the end of this

beautiful soliloquy

I’ll have the title down.

Don’t misunderstand,

me and all my misunderstood feelings.

Everything has a place

a perfect fit,

this I know all too well.

Even with all the silence

there is something clean

about these settled hours

that float in and between lost days.

I just hope to get time back,

whatever is owed,

it’s enough to know

I’ve written these words

void of a meaningful title.

Maybe perhaps, after all this

their grand appearance

will trigger something new

so everyone will come flooding back.

The sky won’t be so burnt

come tomorrow when things turn

everything will be all

shiny and new with a title.

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