Nostalgia and the Enemy Guide

Having distinct advantages

for always falling forward,

one can only wish

to give up the control.

Come to find out,

this is a state of remembering

a simple rest stop for now.

Nostalgia still sits so heavily in our minds.

We get stuck

on certain positions or images.

One can clearly see

the manual manipulation

of sensitive limbs,

almost as if, someone was following

an exact guide for me.

The details of our contract

have long been agreed upon.

Arms are always at rest,

always in their comfortable positions.

This type of easiness is what pleases,

what makes the pleasure source

truly come to life.

Without any previous knowledge

void of boring plain talk.

The beautiful girl,

and her devious expectations

she hides inside herself.

All one really has to do

is read the guide first.

She connects with just one at a time.

She, and her pretty curves

are to blame for all this heartache.

All the looks that make us turn.

Eyes are easy to fall up into eyes

and for the first real time

she whispers to herself

to pay super close attention

come tonight she’ll rewrite

the expectations

in her enemy guide.


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