It’s Early

The city sleeps tonight this chill keeps everyone huddled, closed, and wrapped up inside. It’s easy to ignore the ache … More

Binge Watching

I want the television to tell the truth. I promise to search and save the titles to my profile. Come … More

Rejection’s Hand

She turns with an open wrist to the faucet’s hot stream,and the harder she triesto heat her bloodthe further she slips … More

The Queen’s Command

Gentle imagessit and stain virgin pages.Pretty are the words,hands are clasped behind the back.Submission wrapped around a pencilhe was the … More

Drag Queen

There’s this very bold and shiny world where want-to-be girls dress up to accentuate their curves. And all of us … More


A dull and dreamy night, there is something stirring in and amongst this dark and sullen sky. I’ve traveled far … More

Energy Drink

With something new she walks  up into eyes. I know I’ve seen  this look before, still, she’s hovering  over my … More

In Other Words

There are heavy  throwable words like the ones  placed on fingertips and then given to a crowd. There are affections … More

Like Only She Can

I have this hurting kind of love, that’s just on the surface where my skin aches to be touched. I … More