Time and attention collide from the filthy streets an innocent man was murdered. Still, police on horseback those poor horses thrust into our violence. Under the weight of a curfew we’ve got minutes to decide if we’ll pull up with our white peers. There on the edge, words are smashed in our faces windows exploded […]

To tell the truth we ask if anyone cares, they won’t begin to answer. There’s always someone out there that one true giver begging to be the one who is forever chosen to out perform all the rest. Would you sit even closer if I had been the one to ask I nudge her closer […]

Against a wall we are burdened in heavy thoughts. Still, one of us has to be reminded how to love. Yesterday when we sat atop the news we spent hours trying to talk, quietly, the words never came we inspected the images in silence. Today we face the news we stare at our beloved everlasting […]

There are words, and then there are other words. Time is about to break again time will go against time and not be my friend. I’ll find myself on the other side, hiccup crying or otherwise lost somewhere in my throat choking on a devastated memory. This ugliness has shown its face before. I am […]

The beauty code erupted inside a locking sequence had engaged she swore she’d never feel this way there on the edge brokenness she wasn’t so beautiful then keeping her toes face forward whatever was inside would most likely pass. Everything else always did. She briefly looked into a mirror, still as pretty as ever, just […]

Time and attention beliefs, she asks, can you follow all of my commands? He stumbles forward into place, she undoes that one specific clasp, she asks, do I need to remind you always keep up with the duty at hand. She quickly jerked him in place, now on all fours, she squared her 2 point […]

There on top of a treasure sat my most prized possession. I can catch myself staring into trouble, the girl and her charms demand my time and attention are exclusively hers. She’s free to push whatever button, as long as she agrees, to care. Not carry my temperamental mood neatly in her side pocket. We […]

Working on and against the minutes she battles to stay afloat wanting to lay down like yesterday long before there were little ones. She finds herself too tired again she’s waited throughout the day trying to keep herself busy and in her own way where she’s free to roam half dressed or otherwise. Most days […]

Awake and wanting answers many have asked before and from this moment forward no one needs to question don’t worry about paying love forward after all this time together. I have had the cure all this time. Learn to simply trust offer some different side of yourself very early on we lean on each other […]

Interwoven tightly spun fabric hangs loosely on the edges papers that support us are strewn all over the place like we don’t care anymore. We were so careful then pretending we had this perfect place. I couldn’t help but miss her, got in the way and of course there was this agreeable aggression pinning our […]

From the start of something there are beautiful ones that would gladly let Troy burn. Having had just one, it was impossible to convince her to see how life was from on the other side with the rest of us. The best advice if you’re with one you had better accept her for how she […]

With everyday lining up unlike all the rest I warned there would be limits. Tomorrow I’ll take her to a private sandy place, an ancient dune perhaps where I’ll read to her from my favorite book. I can already anticipate her excitement from underneath a blanket, she’ll remove her top, she loves watching my eyes […]

Counting backwards keeping to the numbers we promised we’d memorize. Protected and guarded she nudges to be by my side I secretly grab ahold of her and tug her into position long before peering eyes ever notice. The summer heat is the change that is almost upon us, she is a reminder of myself of […]

The beautiful edges keep the heartache from eroding away what’s playing in my head, what’s playing inside again. Yesterday was perfect for you because your arms were wide open. Thoughtful songs sung well into the night love seems to never give up love never gets old even as people complain at this late night hour […]

The smallest target through a keyhole I can just barely see her it’s all I get her distorted figure undressing in the moment. It’s impossible really to act like I love her, she can see straight through me and my squinted looks. I can’t help but disapprove of the girl, who has always had this […]