I decided today I’d write this little song for the girl I love most. Maybe she’ll never hear it,maybe it’ll make her smilethinking how I feel she’ll want to hear more of it. I’m all stupid inside,drawn to a girl to her talents and charmsbalancing on a wire,a tightrope way up there. She’s probably more […]

The temporary markwritten across the sandfighting the crawling waves,pulling and reaching with each hungry grasp. Endemically eroded away,the shoreline begsfor someone to scrawltheir name or some gigantic heartclaiming the dayto be exclusively theirs. The familiar sounds,the surf crashes and it’s almost too cold to actually go play. Promise you’ll ignore the undertowand go for a […]

I’m in another oneof those moods,something is gone. I’m trying nowto put someone inthe place of the missing. I cry out for youyou’re deaf nowit’s hard to listenwhen your back is turned. No one blames youfor me and this moodteetering on an edge. I’m just as happyhaving these wordsbeing the handsome steward. Oh will anyonetruly […]

Inhale and holdingthe thick smell of smokesurrounds and engulfs,just as the battle ragesa second day of violencedraws everyone to their places. We’ve come togetherto take and overthrowwe’re set to capture because I’ve grown tiredwaiting on you. If this weresome other timewe’d already bein the fightfor our tepid lives. When I close my eyesI can only […]

Phoenix eyes,staring at her prizeshe and her narrowly focused gaze,just ready to fight. Flames or otherwisethis girl will riseletting all the pain falla victory will healher singed wings. I was the one who pushed you to fly,now show us,the strength you hide insideyou’re our majestic bird. Pick up your focused eyesand share the world with […]

When the mess requires using two hands,the lubricationgets further inside. Careful puttingthe lid back onwe wouldn’t wantany gel to spill. Maybe that’s why we take the long waywhenever we’re in such a hurry. We’re actually pretty lucky to have this chancenow that we’re all lubricatedsome would forget to askis friction the happy source?Skin against skinthere […]

Time goes against love.A word we swore to erasenever to be used again. Just as the hours counted downwe were impossibly drawnalmost forced to usethat dreaded word again. From behind our closed doorit took only minutesto strip her completely free. She loves just standing thereshowing exactly wheremy hungry mouth was starving to feed. I love […]

Her temperamental sideshe looks and asks,are we playing tonight?From there it made perfect senseI’d listen to every word,coming from,the world’s most perfect girl. There in a doorway, she stoodwith this hungry lookwanting to get started. I was the only one invited to join her make-believe world we’d pretend we were strangersmeeting for the first time. […]

This is her first verse,perhaps her tragic surrendercoming forward from a placethat only she can remember.The start of her storyis based on one blessed night, she kissed her strangerand at that timeonly she understoodthe impact it would haveon all their lives.The girl is far removedfrom attention’s graspholding firmly to her waisther curves fit perfectlyin the […]

Majestic and or otherwisethe girl listens to Jazz. I stare and watch every move,she lifts and tips her glass. Nothing has ever mattered more,so she acknowledges the momentand blows a kiss at last. I wait for her eyes to return,she moves to the rhythm,drawing almost too close at times. It’s here she whispers her favorite […]

Standing underneath a grove of autumn treesthe girl and her charmscompliment each other. One can’t really tellwhere the sky begins,all that I can confess,I can only stare. There are certain wordsthat are often whispered a thousand different ways of course. I watch as she stepsthe ground sits converedin the most colorful of leaves. Her arms […]

Out on the couchthe fire is too hot,she gives herself a toastto new beginnings. Her glass is full of iceit’s there to cool her temperamental side. That side where,she’s a seductive scientistcreating the chemistrydrawing me to her. I owe her nowfor putting these imagesdeep inside my mind. Seductively,she’s always so quietI honestly can’t tell anyonehow […]

This is my early hourstanding alongside a bitter night,just as I’ve always done. The sun is on the vergeof staging another battleI try to keep the moonfrom her bitter rival. Oh what I’ve done?The early songbirdsare getting ready to sing,perhaps this is the morningthe jealous moon has already won. From the heavensto our beloved GodsI […]

If in a dayI saw you loveI could easily pretendto ignore your love.Would youcontinue to bemy one and only?I implore you loveto choose your one,either way,just say the wordsor remain silentjust as you’ve done. I can very easily remain in my worldsimply to be a fooland write how muchI love you. I dare those wordscome […]

I wonder if you’ll truly laugh, like how you did when you were barefoot walking on our muddied path. Are you that same silly girl that could remember a thousand words and then recite them in no time flat. I ask this of you simply because I’m starting to forget just how and why exactly […]