A Kiss in the Rain

Over there in the rain the girl was pinned properly of course, against coarse fence boards being kissed hard like this, as if, this was her one and only chance. Temptation poured down over them against a late night hour before the end of a shift. Headlights never mattered they were blind to the outside … Continue reading A Kiss in the Rain

Love Drawn Design

There is this side drawn up inside deep in the belly in all of us. Who amongst us can truly choose or decide just hot much love they're willing to divide? Can we separate ourselves from our-selves? This might be a play on words you can decide for yourself, but first, you must trust that … Continue reading Love Drawn Design

Spirited Charms

The girl is alive I can't help but promise to lay still underneath her hypnotic spell. She puts her tiny hands half over my eyes, and still, the light dissapears. There's no chance in returning to the defeated, perhaps I've been claimed. Taken by her cruel kind of love, still, she asks I stand perfectly … Continue reading Spirited Charms

Desperate To Remember

Life has a story all its own and in all honesty there's no room to complain especially when we see the others struggling. Too deep to reach the bottom it's the bluest water one has ever seen. I wonder if life has a remedy cleanser next week we've all been warned a treacherous virus has … Continue reading Desperate To Remember