Accidental or otherwise she was dancing as per usual wearing mismatched socks, pretty much nothing else could divert my eyes from her. I swore I wouldn’t let her show up again like some well meaning stranger showing me this new move or step. Innocent or otherwise I may as well admit I’ve signed myself over […]

Heavy hands, wanting that girl back, in this, the playful season the summer of 2020. That cold insensitive look coming from the girl wearing black lipstick. The night skies are all warm perfect for keeping the windows open and this is how the day starts trying to beat the sunrise. It’s summer now, the girl […]

There on the edge a blanketed room quickly filled, she stood there, fists at the ready. Cheering to the punches she squarely landed the blows front page news, she was in love and she took every possible chance to bring her opponent down. Looking in awe at the display modern barbarism at play here she […]

The biggest candlelit eyes, locked while staring up, she’s counting out loud again waiting on the exact amount drugs clutched in tightly she takes my arm, you’re stuck with me she jabs the needle downward. Romance has always been kind poison lipstick and all we’ll kiss these feelings away tonight will be dangerous. Going all […]

There is no more room for birthday cards from you. Deny truth to be a liar there was never enough room for good words on paper. I’m not sure why I needed to be told today about these skipped over years, years that have been kind. Time has been kept quiet, dutifully, as if sharing […]

It seems so serious this need you hold for me. To get inside and knock me back a dramatic life threatening fever, the loss of taste my goodness my skin is oh so flush. Without excess energy I suddenly find myself in a hurry to cover up. Breathless almost out of breath the number of […]

The God’s very forcefully asked show us love through your eyes. Reluctantly, the camera she grabbed, so unsure at the beginning, just a bit of encouragement the frames she photographed instantly came to life. Something as simple as, a dramatic milk bath the girl wrapped in red beauty played with light and contrast there in […]

From the start of the season the rains came heavily down rain has long been predicted, the monsoons of love. A torrential flooding tonight with our path being eaten up, we climbed to higher ground and up there for the first real time I saw this pretty look. In a flash, the sky had really […]

A quickening pulse I am rendered helpless here, for she is my strongest hour. Always my first thought she insists I help her count in the middle of the night propped up on elbows talking nonsense. My kind of love stretches across the decades my words come in equal measure whispered or forcefully choked I […]

In this, the one and precious hour there seems to be this one who thrives on a glorious drug the want and need of attention. There is nothing more divine than to have everyone at your side thinking that this is the precious hour, the blessed final one. I beg to beg differently, calling out […]

Time and attention she swore, she always swears when serious. She wants nothing more than a perfect relationship. A union where, one is simply allowed to please, the other has firm control. Her gift is to be the pleaser, it’s a rush and the biggest thrill of course, she swears both have to agree to […]

What matters most, during this, her praying hours are her pretty looks. Tonight she must decide, exactly who, gets all her attention now. Her choices are somewhat blind, still, she can see perfectly fine. She swears to be kind giving while trying to please as sensitive strangers surround her now. The girl twists her long […]

We love our sons when they stumble awkwardly, our sons who look up to us wanting our unconditional love. Sons depend on their fathers even when that father is single working two jobs to keep up. A father who may also be his mom. We love our sons, so they can give fully of themselves, […]

Time and attention collide from the filthy streets an innocent man was murdered. Still, police on horseback those poor horses thrust into our violence. Under the weight of a curfew we’ve got minutes to decide if we’ll pull up with our white peers. There on the edge, words are smashed in our faces windows exploded […]

To tell the truth we ask if anyone cares, they won’t begin to answer. There’s always someone out there that one true giver begging to be the one who is forever chosen to out perform all the rest. Would you sit even closer if I had been the one to ask I nudge her closer […]