She turns with an open wrist to the faucet’s hot stream,and the harder she triesto heat her bloodthe further she slips away.She fears these nightswithout any affectionconfirm she’s been turned down. The longer she lingersher fears play in her mind.In this dreamed perfectionshe’s afraid to close her eyes.Everything was triggered perceived by rejectionshe hated denial’s words.She swore […]

Gentle imagessit and stain virgin pages.Pretty are the words,hands are clasped behind the back.Submission wrapped around a pencilhe was the Queen’s poet.Keeping eyes from eyes this time,while in a praying position, he begs for her control.Her swift decisions are always final.The days keep rolling,just as her popularity growsshe’s all too distant.He, in charge of her wordsbeautiful […]

There’s this very bold and shiny world where want-to-be girls dress up to accentuate their curves. And all of us have no real issue paying the admissions price. Crammed and popular still, we watch with a curious smile. The girls look stunningly real. It’s fun watching this crowd “who is or isn’t” one can’t help […]

With something new she walks  up into eyes. I know I’ve seen  this look before, still, she’s hovering  over my shoulder half whispering,  giving me this thing to drink. I  look and half scan making sure that the girl and I share whatever is in this can. With heavy sips we finish, and toss whatever […]

There are heavy  throwable words like the ones  placed on fingertips and then given to a crowd. There are affections touching kisses used for salutations for the pleasant hello  or abrupt goodbye. There are words and there are other words. Some sayings get cautiously placed to the inner ear. Some words get temperamentally placed to the […]

I have this hurting kind of love, that’s just on the surface where my skin aches to be touched. I want to be wrapped up like only she can. Yesterday I unblocked all the digital hurdles I’ve been stumbling over for years. I’m trying to figure out how to understand how to give up and […]