The Locks on Doors

The door was left unlocked

abandoned by a lover’s hand

someone has been here before

there is a hint of perfume.

The center of the middle

time chooses its own path

days become our companions,

it’s important to take chances

to work out any fears.

Words become keys

to centuries old locks,

just a gentle twist is all that’s needed

we use our hurt to fix the past

locked or undone

doubt stops all progression

just as the broken fall

we need a plan B to move on.

Choices, they matter most

it’s been a few hours now

since the door was used.

The love trials have come and gone

everything was fine until it wasn’t,

the pain was left ajar,

assume we know nothing about sorrow.

In this huge house

there are so many doors

it’s hard to imagine why

we’re most comfortable

with someone else.

Accept the secret being told,

keep it closely guarded to yourself.

Sometimes the choice is too high

the world goes quietly by

without too much interference

all the chances we’ll ever get

are here waiting on us

to step through our own

half opened door.

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