Sun Love

Simple truths outweigh failure's successes. Each day that love grows inside, a part of you keeps getting more and more confident that nothing bad will ever happen. Just when you let your defenses down and before you knew it you're the story that everyone is talking about. You never truly saw this day coming. Forget … Continue reading Sun Love

The Sun Refuses to Shine

The sun refuses to shine, even when there's not a cloud in the sky. It doesn't matter where you move summer is over. Keep your guard up. The sun is not shinning, go ahead and stare into it I promise, you won't go blind. It's going to be this way from now on. The sun … Continue reading The Sun Refuses to Shine

You the Reader

You are onto something having found the poems, day after day simply releasing words. Lyrics to songs, that some may never get. Thankful, for you the reader, you always find the time at all hours of the day or night to come and spend your time. You read every word, and it's like being a … Continue reading You the Reader

La Parfumerie

It's hard to describe the blindness when you're trapped with an idea that has been years in the making. My voiceless need sits inside my head. Yesterday started out as an accident, a chance encounter really. Imagine being instantly transported to a tiny French village where everything requires an uphill climb. Romance is the desired … Continue reading La Parfumerie

Grammar Fire

With mouths loosely whispering words, a grammar fire can easily take hold. I warned you about our conversations, so out of control, its best to escape them. I like your clean, yet cluttered room. I love when I can smell my cologne on you. Yesterday, you wanted to make love you invited me to come … Continue reading Grammar Fire

Social Control

Locked in a temperamental room he glances to inspect the walls, just as the ceilings start closing in. It's never comfortable being told there is nowhere to go, just as you're standing there sadly, the floor is ripped away. Void of all his safety nets, he has only had himself to depend on and it's … Continue reading Social Control

Portrait Display

With a tray of colored inks tonight she'll be customized kneeling to a heavy brush the torture plays in her mind. The deepest red and orange to shoulders, cupped and swirling down her body highlighting her accentuated curves. The girl knows she's pretty, even with all the obvious flaws. The cold ink crawls down her … Continue reading Portrait Display

The Sun and Sky

Today the sun is faint its pulse weak from yesterday it was altogether too much too soon to share its full strength. Today the skies have closed, asking us to go inside to find our own source of warmth. Perhaps the Gods are merely playing with us, forget Spring and all her flowers. In equal … Continue reading The Sun and Sky

Order More

With a request to order more I find it peculiar that I'm the one, chosen to buy the girl her clothes. Perhaps My tastes are attractive, certainly, certain things, catch my eye and she'd look amazing always. It is not about the money or buying we share everything in equal measure. It could be that … Continue reading Order More

The Proper Way To Keep Lists in These Busy Times

With the belief it's important to stay organized when our lives get all hectic. I'm in bed with the girl poking fun at her need to keep lists. Half naked here in my arms, she's poking me because of my words. The irony that I make such a big deal about all her notes and … Continue reading The Proper Way To Keep Lists in These Busy Times

Handsome Warrior

My advice, whenever you play with words, understand there is a weight thrown. And maybe your vision is such that the message is a little anemic for one to survive on. Those big and lofty words of yours, most typically get lost because the story that you want us to feel is truly impossible for … Continue reading Handsome Warrior

Morning Routine

Clear sky and yearning the morning lifts with stillness, she quietly sits sipping tea a cup that is still near boiling. I've never understood why she likes the tea extra hot. Sitting at a big picture window hugging knees while barely sipping the view compliments her mood. The toaster clicks an egg is taken from … Continue reading Morning Routine

Trust Beauty

She has always been so handsome, impure in some respects being this beautiful. The girl and her magic charms caught in her web of love her long eye lashes, sexy and it's easy lying with her in her newly decorated room where it smells like fresh-cut flowers. On elbows, looking into eyes the girl undresses … Continue reading Trust Beauty