If you want to buy my attention please bring something other than your precious coins and wants. If you’re going to stand alongside me, just bring your hand. If you plan to please and perform make sure you take me to that place where we first kissed. It’s still not too late, you can dress […]

Share your thoughts with mine, half slacked and entwined. I want you it won’t matter where we sleep, as long as we’re both there touching skin to skin like the last time at your house. Looking in has always sounded nice don’t refuse the invite, poet are you there? I could make you my very […]

By now you have had a glass of wine, it’s hard to image your love letters no one actually writes anymore. We stare at our phones, misinterpreting text messages trying to use fastest shortcut to express what it is we feel. Sometimes when you call you can sneak away in private, not letting anyone know […]

With the newness still in the air stopping abruptly now is absurdly out of the question especially since we should of seen what we missed. Sure the security blanket failed I’m sorry love for being here next to your extended arm, down on broken knees to palms. If only I knew how to drag you […]

The door was left unlocked abandoned by a lover’s hand someone has been here before there is a hint of perfume. The center of the middle time chooses its own path days become our companions, it’s important to take chances to work out any fears. Words become keys to centuries old locks, just a gentle […]

First light is coming up in about an hour from now the jealous sun will shine and win. The defeated moon can go and rest gather the strength to try again come tonight when the sky is full trying to mark up all the promises. I swear when I swore a week ago our excited […]

Inside the span of a day the system was supposed to work like clockwork and second hands. Lifted up by that one chance meeting it was like being tucked in a pocket. The night has finally returned the energy shift is all too exciting, the trip or journey has started. Time comes flooding back that […]

The balance between dark and light wholeheartedly lands on a knife that deceptive edge has two sides. One side can create perfection the other can cause immense pain. Our decisions to our daily choices can have profound affects and effects both. In order to the see good or bad in things one must accept certain […]

The valley has been quiet weeks of calm subtle weather the farms have been busy growing. Come Thursdays though under a harvest moon the wares are picked and brought to our heavy Farmer’s Market it’s our weekly tradition now rain or shine everything is up for sale. Unless of course, you can’t afford the price […]

The low lying fruit in trees has never been easier to reach. It’s ridiculous to think something so easily gathered was expected to be left alone, please avoid the low lying fruit. Broken sadness, started with tiny lies together, they blurred the lines today it’s much too much to avoid the low lying fruit. That […]

Don’t let the lights dim and flicker away I don’t want to be left in here just as I’ve been given a fresh start, lying here in the darkest of nights. Promise me everything, so I won’t have to worry about leaving a light on walking into an empty house messes with my mind. All […]

The fortress is cleared everything looks untouched, unused. There’s not a soul around it is like a National Holiday everyone has gathered with families showing their universal joy and love. In the span of a day a religious rebellion was triggered, some celebrate the new coming started a couple thousands years ago, while others give […]

From fingertips the smoke does rise. With heavy introspection the cigarette kisses lips, each new deep inhale questions are consistently being asked one after the other, and to the next. The wrong answers fall and lay on the ground. In a room that is all muddy, we start again, the air is so hard to […]

There are certain words that sit heavily in our throats, they’re sometimes hard to speak we get all choked up. The syllables keep piling up, it’s tempting to just blindly read focus on the string and ignore their meaning. Go ahead and just read the poetry, let a group of sensitive words fall silent in […]