Beautiful, it is hard to describe in detail what it is I love most about you. Is it hard to tell how hard I stare into eyes that are stronger than my own? Each night I come to find words, I can’t help but notice the lyrics in songs, sitting right in front of my […]

The gifts come in streams she reaches and asks for a pen softly touching my arm, she says, ” I have to write a letter to my lover.” Floating across the room, she turns, with a button she slips from my shirt. Bare bottom, by the time I reach her the steam in shower envelopes […]

I didn’t see her coming still, this is where she wants to shine. My silhouette in the dark, it’s all hers. She puts hers arms around my neck, this time though, she starts to whisper the lyrics from our playlists, undressed. In the warm recesses, her curves are a treasure map showing locations to her […]

Aggressive defenders habitual creatures awake at night be careful they hold true grudges they actually remember from year to year they’ll come to you. Once chosen a crowded city is ideal it’s nice to be around them they blend in apartments don’t mind these free spirits of nature bringing beauty to the whole a soft […]

I’m waiting all night for you to end your bad week, to finally log off, and fall asleep. I’m secretly singing to you making sure the lights aren’t too bright. I love you, I swear to God I’m waiting until you wake again to see if luck changes. I’m singing our secret songs again. All […]

On your down days, I promise I’ll be by your side reading lyrics again from songs we made in our playlists. I can still see you coming for the speaker, we used to play next to your bed. Those perfect moments, time was different I came to take you, I know, oh I know I’m […]

Hit me up if you fall I could make things feel all better and good. Simple promises by even simpler words you can pay me back by rebounding, let’s sit elbows to elbows at dinner sharing conversations and the food. It’s always about the food first, followed by sex and dessert at 3am. It’s better […]

Don’t stand here next to me the drop will be here in a few minutes. The price being paid is unexpected, a man approaches and offers to do it, I refuse any and all help. I’m standing anxiously at the exact spot, the drop’s instructions were explicit. Across my left shoulder is a strip bar […]

When need and want are mixed, waiting on someone is impossible. Just hurry and finish your shift, she can easily feel the pressure too. Living off tips, she’d freely give her remaining tables away, she can’t right now there’s too much at stake. One can’t always choose the exact perfect direction to take. The risk […]

Having all the little triggers her obvious advantage swelling and coming over me. I easily tower over the girl, seriously, she demands perfection it’s not enough I’m that different. Lately though, I’ve asked her to pick it up and shower me. Her one of a kind reply, was a surprise by turning the tables. She […]

Thinking we knew what life was like underneath a surface full of exploit, she tried to obey the rules of the streets. She thought she was keeping us shielded and guarded from a world. Eventually though, it was all too much for her she fell to the bottom to the scum of the earth. No […]

Hands ache to touch and feel, today waited impatiently for me to wake and get the words out. My expensive friend asked to hold hands with me. I was surprised I meant so much to her. Everything has always been so one sided, I don’t mind going along with the charade. Today against all the […]