A First Dream  A crushed and crying girl keeping everything locked up inside far from prying eyes hoping they won’t ever notice, no one  truly ever does. A first dream and she was dancing, in and amongst  hundreds of other couples, she was dancing with someone. She was crying up until a strong hand guided her out […]

I have this hurting kind of love, that’s just on the surface where my skin aches to be touched. I want to be wrapped up like only she can. Yesterday I unblocked all the digital hurdles I’ve been stumbling over for years. I’m trying to figure out how to understand how to give up and […]

Her silhouette has always been a mystery to us seeing her private curves thin fabric she hides behind betrayed by the sun. Standing there, with a certain look neither of us move the naked fully clothed girl stands her delicate ground my eyes cover every inch. With beauty at her side she stands waiting, wanting […]

With every word so locked, still half inside, I try not to smile. On this, her Halloween night. Is it such a stretch to think what’s taken so long? I’ve wished for her a thousand different nights, and I know she loves to dress up I’ve seen her little outfits. Down on broken knees I […]

Starlit Desires Built up from all the waiting this simple wish had finally come true. From the start or from the beginning whispers were carefully placed set so they’d break a couple of rules. It wasn’t until she fell and tripped into love that she decided to dress up. Showing this playful side wasn’t just […]

Devoted Devotee Wishing that my lips could replace the rim of that glass. Missing the first sips of love’s drunkenness means forgetting things have stopped getting done. I’ll keep silent and to myself I’ll try not to love, instead, I’ll keep busy putting ice cubes on plants that obviously belong somewhere out in the tropical […]

Want Versus Need This tepid air we breathe is something we need to keep our love drawn hours from getting lost inside. I wish for you to read and understand all the hidden meanings. Just take a minute if you can and listen to words in music. Certain kinds of things will jump off these […]