Against faith, I’m honestly making the right choice my heart has hung itself inside a thick steel cage. I want yesterday back, so I could say and do all the same things over again. My heart loves and it doesn’t matter that it forgets and has no long term memories. The overcrowded conditions of where […]

It was always her idea to want to sit and meet with him. To sit, and explain why no one understood how it was to feel.   To sit with him not as equals, but both playing a certain part. The object of her interest was to explore what she had always known in her heart. That […]

Dipped hurriedly the words couldn’t come fast enough. I was using one of those, 500 year old pens you know the kind with the ink well, and as I was writing I couldn’t help but notice the ink stained and literally got everywhere. Each time the tip was lowered liquid just spilled out everywhere I […]

And i’ve counted since the day it stopped over and over again always making sure I kept reading the words that mattered. The sensitive promise keeping this perfect record of the number of books that together we’ll read. That number multiplied by months, then years, running without much notice, but still, it’s important to read. […]

With time and attention both winding and tightening, clearly, he wants her to be the girl. She has gained the attention of someone who has made certain wishes come exactly true. She’s asked to be taught and shown exactly how it is, the rules  rule, on a day like today. Delicately, he explains the touch-play game […]

From far away all I’ve ever wanted was a sliver of her attention, and I know even asking was all together too much for the Queen. With half shy delicate eyes it’s always been hard to speak frankly to her the last time I voiced and opinion was three years ago, she hasn’t talked to […]

From far away all I’ve ever wanted was a sliver of her attention, and I know even asking was all together too much for the Queen. With half shy delicate eyes it’s always been hard to speak frankly to her the last time I voiced and opinion was three years ago, she hasn’t talked to […]

Our coveted pretty place adorned heavily in heavenly icons. Close to our bed love rosaries hang close at hand just in case we need to pray for our burdened sins. Sins that aren’t so easily made up I’m constantly in prayer asking for the return of your attention there is something that makes up the […]

With the choice of a thousand mirrors it was almost impossible for her to choose just one. Some were filled with jealous glances always trying to compete. For centuries now her little kingdom was strewn with broken mirrored glass. There wasn’t a safe corner she knew it was her own fault always trying to tiptoe […]

With a thousand year old stare I assume I am just like you, we notice the tiniest of changes. Someone around me once handed me my first novel and read it like I was pushing my first addiction. My reading voice was too new to recognize why you had me reading the Claiming of Sleeping […]

The very nature of this the pretty girl, has been locked set up and carved in stone step by step for centuries now. Nothing needs to be held out, playing the sensitive part of being all wrapped up in the warm Indie sunshine making love. She’s a natural ever lasting cause for feverish skin. Underneath […]

From the spoils of  simply knowing, love always, conquers and rules the day. Soon, I’ll have her near my sensitive side. Curled and cupped up close against each and every day. These are the stars or lofty dreams that I’ve talked about. Such desires must live alongside her eyes too. And for the first real time […]

The triangle she dug without ever knowing,  she wanted to do everything exactly perfect so there were no more slip-ups. The edge she clung to closes earlier and earlier each year, but with each new month the expectations grew. The weight of just getting by the downward pressure having to balance out of control cards […]

With a noticeable glance or stare I can’t quite remember how it was I found you there in a concrete river. There you were in water that was soft and curving by some manmade structure. There must have been hours of pure love and beauty poured into your foundation, in order for you, to stand […]

A First Dream  A crushed and crying girl keeping everything locked up inside far from prying eyes hoping they won’t ever notice, no one  truly ever does. A first dream and she was dancing, in and amongst  hundreds of other couples, she was dancing with someone. She was crying up until a strong hand guided her out […]

I have this hurting kind of love, that’s just on the surface where my skin aches to be touched. I want to be wrapped up like only she can. Yesterday I unblocked all the digital hurdles I’ve been stumbling over for years. I’m trying to figure out how to understand how to give up and […]

Her silhouette has always been a mystery to us seeing her private curves thin fabric she hides behind betrayed by the sun. Standing there, with a certain look neither of us move the naked fully clothed girl stands her delicate ground my eyes cover every inch. With beauty at her side she stands waiting, wanting […]

With every word so locked, still half inside, I try not to smile. On this, her Halloween night. Is it such a stretch to think what’s taken so long? I’ve wished for her a thousand different nights, and I know she loves to dress up I’ve seen her little outfits. Down on broken knees I […]

Starlit Desires Built up from all the waiting this simple wish had finally come true. From the start or from the beginning whispers were carefully placed set so they’d break a couple of rules. It wasn’t until she fell and tripped into love that she decided to dress up. Showing this playful side wasn’t just […]