A Stolen Empire II

A Stolen Empire I The loud explosions were viscous against our building, it felt like the walls were going to … More

The Everlasting Truth

Sounds come from distant places and I press a kiss hard to the earth hoping that she’ll listen to my … More

4 Day Streak

Wow I was just notified that I am on a four day streak! The first thing that came to mind … More

Lower Case Text

I’d pretty much do anything to show how using lower case text works. Words are important to me in a … More


I wanted to drop a note acknowledging everyone who stops in to read the words. Again, thank you for the … More

In My Head

The sky might be one hundred degrees with the sun being brilliantly bright, but in my head, the sky is … More

Out of Order Sorry

Down to earth from the top downward the switch was thrown on the down low where expectations are low. Stand … More

A First-Time Garment

It was nice to be invited back into her bed. I had the perfect gift to celebrate this new occasion … More