Songs in Playlists

On your down days, I promise I’ll be by your side reading lyrics again from songs we made in our … More

On My Way

Hit me up if you fall I could make things feel all better and good. Simple promises by even simpler … More

The Drop

Don’t stand here next to me the drop will be here in a few minutes. The price being paid is … More


When need and want are mixed, waiting on someone is impossible. Just hurry and finish your shift, she can easily … More

Pick It Up

Having all the little triggers her obvious advantage swelling and coming over me. I easily tower over the girl, seriously, … More

A Year in Time

Thinking we knew what life was like underneath a surface full of exploit, she tried to obey the rules of … More

Glass Stare

Hands ache to touch and feel, today waited impatiently for me to wake and get the words out. My expensive … More

Seven Seconds

Time has always been kind to me. The hands have forgiven most things. My true love asked if I could … More


Buried in bed alongside her a girl twists the sheets, she can’t stop smiling, her tourniquet is tied tightly around … More