Hovering thinking waiting wanting. The girl had all her belongings laid out on a tiny table, waiting, thinking I was late. Too late, I was already in love watching with all the answers I could hardly wait for her to ask and notice. Aimlessly through the pages, her book had her attention now, jealous simply […]

The predawn stare planning out the day ahead. The treacherous stairs down the side of an eroded cliff every neighbor has them row after row after row a protective rib cage spanning the coast. A century of family members trudging along a worn out trip to the beach, how time has taken from this place. […]

There is an open chance at love, a one in a million opening where it’s no surprise just how glued our eyes get. I find her irresistible this must mean something when it’s hard to think. She wears a forever necklace that says, i very simply wish… Perhaps the necklaced gift was her lucky charm […]

With a half torn look she brings the microphone softly to her lips and for the first real time we get to hear that voice. In front of an audience she sings her glorious ballads I swear she was born for this night. Eyes affixed in adoration the volume grows around her we try to […]

With time and attention balanced all eyes shift in one direction. From that first time, until this latest moment the girl sits seductively polished. Miles from an unfinished garden, the thorn bush completely removed, the coveted yard in heirloom blossoms sits ready to prove her work. Waiting to properly answer, having memorized the trigger words […]

Believing in something bigger betting there’s no need to worry while on knees leaning to elbows please form a prayer chain. This righteous plan works, call it divine or something else we will perform whatever it takes to shine with supportive love. No matter how it looks there are second chances to second choices. Some […]

We drink from paper cups here, that fragile first introduction and she’s in my head again the girl who holds everything close. These are the delightful first starts that never seem to hit their mark. From the first night until now there’s no waiting on this one, she and her sensitive side, it means I […]

The trouble curves are happen stance triggered by some chance encounter. With just one look, all good judgement is stripped and torn away. Today we must redefined as the beginning so that yesterday will have its purpose. Everything between the delicate strangers was going exactly as planned, a chance encampment with a stranger was the […]

Nostalgia’s quick and easy grasp the memory trigger pushes us up and over the edge we go. There’s no use in feeling the height of this fall will be enough to kill us both. We have these last few seconds here on this earth before we reset and start again. Her hands have always been […]

From this start until our last, it’s hard to get out of our own way. Yesterday had all its promises, yet today we have no imagination still stuck in our stubborn ways. If words are all that we’ll ever have let’s make each writing a trigger back to the days when we were lovers. That […]

With everything all figured out, it’s been a week now since speaking strictly in confidence. Love torn is love divided and it is all too easy to go all quiet. When yesterday spoke and refused the hand a coveted position was lost or was it stolen? The seasons do not ask if it is their […]

Accepting the invitation, as much as he would not meant giving his chance away. At second or third thought it would have been crazy of him to turn down such a request. It would have taken in fact the strength of ten very muscled bound men to stop this strange encounter from ever happening, but […]

When devotion is born from two sides it’s easy to see how and why a temporary bond can join. Temporary simply because time can’t stand still or alone. Where one wants and shares the other may give and please, this balance is easily transferable. Love has its own currency some choose to hoard and save, […]

In the solitude of these hours the house slowly wakes. Plastic garbage bags strewn about a first year of college is finally over. Today is like the first day of summer, even if it were a month too soon. The sky looks so differently here, the previous years of drought are gone. The memory floods […]

There is this type of control I feel coming on strongly not from my hands, but in waves of thought. I expect things of myself and that carries through to everyone in my space. Acoustic sounds are what I feel when I hear your voice, your laugh and shy look. The sound you make is […]

Scared from a dream swimming in a large reef tank the deadly’s were all there happily swimming along keeping me company. I was told to ignore the dangerous ones, until one turned and attacked and everyone that was with me abandoned the water and mentioned “That looks like it hurts.” My defensive wounds, I slept […]