I am no ones perfect against a million blinks and sighs I can’t help but do this look stare in all honesty, I’m standing here just wanting to fall on top of you. If it meant I needed to confess I’d be the first to admit, I’d bend on broken knee to palm and say […]

The spirited change I gain when I’m near or next to you, there is this fucked up detonation I can’t stop thinking of the girl, it’s quite dangerous if we touch. Yesterday, wearing that tiny swimsuit I watched their envious eyes clip and undress the rest of you naked in such a public way. The […]

Like yesterday and the day before we want things to remain the same, to be all predictable and boring just as it’s always been. Honestly, you’ve lied to us before I know what’s coming, come tomorrow, with her heavy rains for some time now even I tried to ignore the quiet with everything being so […]

Both sides of the day play heavily in their minds. What started out as ordinary has quickly turned to divine. Sharp tasting foods make life bitter, as equally are the sweet sugary things these are their binding agents words mixed with a hint of desire starting a want that’s hard to extinguish. If not by […]

This title is not for the attention alone, the girl wants more explicit detail something akin to having to hide her phone while reading these poems. Listen, I completely want you starting from the bottom of your feet when we fuck you press them to my chest those perfectly manicured toes kissed are kissed and […]

Lightly sun-kissed freckles her skin gets even softer here in these summer hours. With two very distinct tan lines cutting diagonally across her bottom, she knows the contrast is desired she loves watching His eyes light up a trigger for her beloved. A thumb tips her chin, she softly smiles. The girl wants to firmly […]

This was her hour sitting and waiting high above the others. The girl was given her instructions, but still she was so heavily torn. Nothing had ever come easy, all that He instructed was to comfortably kneel and wait. Sensitive to please, she loved this path she turned to listen for Him making sure eyes […]

Still, she never truly asked if time and attention was hers to gift and share as she pleases. Still, she’s the one with the contract our working document spelling out the terms how and when we’ll interact. She insists this all just an act playing the perfect princess who’s a little too noble to share […]

Each timetable stands on its own merit. There has to be a certain balance in the air where perfume hangs. This room has a calm demeanor from an occasional whiff of a cigarette, except, no one there smokes. This passing moment sits heavily in the throat a hard pulse nervously keeps a rhythm there are […]

The morning flowers ready themselves, an early sun warms velvet petals birds are the first to celebrate. Last night got dangerously cold, even still, it’s the middle of summer no one wants to hear our complaints about carefree and everlasting mornings. Today will be an even longer day, too many people know our faces the […]

There was never enough time inside for my fractured side to properly heal. Forever left aching for the closeout girl, a consistent type that just wants without ever giving away her position. From the top or bottom there are handsome treasures that are exclusively hers. She’s the one who can privately navigate the lukewarm waters […]

With arms tightly folded her hourglass silhouette lay there, just as the hour softly turned time was nearly out. On knees to broken palms he did everything to get to her, the words he whispered had no affect. She was tight lipped and in control, he asked if she were ready stepping forward and offered […]

Last night your perfume transferred you were left on my sheets when they smell like this I can’t help but write. Listen, you’re the girl riding on the saddle thumbs hooked and guiding loosely around your waist making sure your ride is steady and safe. Together we go up and over all the hills and […]

Emotions fell by the wayside there wasn’t much to discuss, flashbulbs seemed to do all the talking. Summer meant being wasteful sunbathing with late afternoon drinks reading about some heinous murder. People were warned to stay away from her time passed without too much interference, that was until, she fell in love. The dreadful circumstances […]

With time and attention returned it was altogether too agonizing to leave her, from the first time until now the spirit guide has dragged me back. There on the edge of her careful side her dress up nights are always fun playful tiny outfits that are just enough to keep these eyes from going blind. […]

The strong output returns in here all alone with her, a torturous downpour continues this is why we lay here and wait. Hands slip inside of hands the rain dances and insists we go along with the weight so we start this kissing game. Super light whispers at first placed on the edge of my […]

At a time in our lives when we clearly know everything what a brilliant waste of time we are and I say “we” because, there are many parts to the whole of who we truly are. If I am the writer and you’re the reader we have a symbiotic relationship where both sides are harmonized. […]

Today I fell in love with the girl who shares with us her daily outfit leaning slightly backwards on either her desk or table. She’s the one who said, she must tell us about her haircut, because we never ask. This moon-lit girl is forever writing, always coming home straight from work. She comes alive […]

With love cut-up and partitioned there’s a bounty out there for a girl who stole everything. From all sides though, she had no other real choice, but to defend her superstitions. With an outright will to win she wasn’t one to sit around and wait unless of course, time was already too late. The girl […]

She asked and happily answered, both equally in the same breath, almost as if, she wanted a perfect kiss to lips. Of course I obliged by offering up my mouth, close enough to simply do as she wished. The girl spun around in return and what started out slowly at first quickly enveloped into something […]