I can clearly see where it is you’re coming from. You’re my one true hero not some bitter man that can’t let go. I love when unspoken words are truly left unopened. I can’t wait to be picked back up, so I can rest in your hands. I close my eyes and wish on you, […]

Tonight the skies went quiet, pandemic’s grasp came swiftly my friend died today a victim to Covid.19. For the first real time, this pandemic, sits at my doorstep. Uncomfortable cannot describe this feeling of unsettled panic like there’s still more of a score to settle. “Want not, waste not.” something my friend would say, perhaps […]

With a thousand blinks and sighs Violet hid quietly from the world. And up until her words needed life she was perfectly content in knowing she loved with everything never leaving things for chance. Against the usual misunderstandings she was more than tangled inside living with a half-broken heart Violet was denied the truth. With […]

The choice is between the written or spoken words from the person I’m most in love with, and yes, some can’t comprehend the importance however, I suggest you take a moment and thoroughly explore them. Oh to tell a story with exaggerated expressions arms move and sway with action, there to simply reinforce intentions. We […]

I can clearly taste the exact places you’ve been, because in my eyes, unlike all the rest those traveled places become the cherished little gifts. Stripped for me you stand in your place ready to let me feed your wrist, the first offering. I trace until your eyes fall backwards and in this nothingness of […]

Tripping over the last time I felt you loved me, the neon glow inside doesn’t quite work how it used to when your quiet footfalls walked alongside me. I don’t mind if we could be like how we used to be. There’s something safe about knowing what I don’t. I turn to see if it’s […]

The inspiration was never too far away from yesterday and forward I swore I would take each day pretending it was some cherished gift. Spend time with me, so we can illustrate love behind the backs of everyone while they pray in church. Oh my goodness, you’re prettier than I ever imagined, the pictures you […]

Her eyes awash in this particular shadow she narrowed her focused it was the warmest of warm. Her fingers centered and cupped perfectly one could seemingly drink forever and it went on like this for hours. To be hand picked or chosen it felt amazing to be her prized possession to give without permission, she […]

Tell me to stop writing I’m pretty sure I can’t just move on and go. You’re out of my grasp sure, I’m reminded I should let it slip it was something you said there’s no one better than you to love me in this lifetime. Change is an honest friend my reminder time moves, just […]

The temperamental softer side touches and plays with loss yesterday was easy to say goodbye. Today against 4 equal promises voices tempt to tell me otherwise, the whole hole you left inside it was no surprise my optimism was fooled. All emotions have been buried and covered up still, the soil is swept clean exposing […]

There in the sunlight playful things begin a pressed mouth plays for me. And from the start of things everything has always worked out, I know I have a few hours still until everything gets too heavy and dark. She’s always easy, she shares her web with me, from the corner of her window to […]

Star drunk lover go ahead and cast your spell on the eve of another night let the heavy love-like breathing start. I can already tell it’s going to be easy spending these 10,000 hours alongside you. I hope you won’t mind if I sing the songs I keep under my bed it’s fair to suggest […]

She craved the sensitive words  wanting that infectious tight grip taking her to an edge tiptoeing trying to keep up. The stinging kisses left their mark and none of her friends could ever truly understood. The truth in leather I suppose, this particular girl liked being spanked, it was her delightful pleasure source. The one […]

With more and more I suppose we’ve started to collect and gather our unique and divine love~trinkets. In our late night hour jaunts our busy hands are magnetized touching and hiding in places we probably don’t belong, but still I’d rather be in this place alongside the girl with the heavy eyes. I never have […]

Words sit strangled, choked by two sets of thoughts, here she sits separate, but equal. Some words come from us, our handsome stranger, unwavering in truth and kindness unless there is a lie that needs to be told. We give perhaps more than what was initially bargained. There is this whole other side, where she […]

Unapologetic music plays ever so sweetly, while the weight of yesterday turns we made out and did other things. From across the bedroom two very proper arrows stuck and found their perfect mark. Still, we insist on taking turns trying not to flinch or turn, the sweat on our bodies is pretty. The want plays […]

I felt like loving again here against a second chance today something stirred in her too. She reached out just the same to me, coming across the finish line all out of breath and sincere, for as blind as I might be even I know what the truth to be. This time won’t be any […]