When you start a new relationship there is that amazing period of excitement, bliss and adventure coupled with sacrifice, understanding and humility.  It’s not always easy to understand the concept of sharing the “control” with a partner. This idea of sharing is magnified in a Dominant/submissive relationship, so here is a lesson about a garden to help answer some questions.

The Garden Lesson
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The scorched earth was ignored almost neglected.

No evidence of last year’s beauties

that garden sat smothered in weeds.

Useless land in this condition,

taking her, while holding hands,

They began their lesson of the Garden.


What part of your life is neglected?

What is the “one” thing you would change?

They stood looking at the overgrowth.

Tears silently fell inside because of the carelessness.

Gently turning to his sweet, he said,

“It will be up to you to clear this place,

of neglect and hate.”

She stared with questioning disbelief at his instructions.

With sadness, her questioning closed shut.

What was the largest sacrifice you’ve made?

Do you trust enough to give to another completely?

Timidly among weeds she took her place.

Softness of her body contrasts with the sharpness around her now.

In utter disbelief of how this could be expected.

Bowing in submission she began pulling.

Anger filled with a silent rage, as she’s started crying.

There are shouting words inside, “Help me!”

If asked to do something how far would you go?

What was the last thing you quit?

Under shade of tree not wanting the sun

He drinks the soothingly cool lemonade.

Watching her shoulders becoming reddened, He smiles.

Matching the glow on her cheeks

while wiping away the sweat on His brow

nothing more need be said,

He sat there watching.

Would you ask for help if truly needed?

When was the last time you asked?

Tired and near exhaustion

the land was being stripped free.

On knees inching forward, still pulling

her once delicate hands now bleed.

A tear slipped from her eye,

her shoulder quickly hid the evidence.

Do you consider yourself emotional?

Would you fight or argue in public?

The area now cleared,

she stared in His direction.

Easing from His shade,

He inspected the yard.

There in the corner was a bush covered in thorn.

Eyes of disbelief as He instructed its removal.

Too tired and weak, she simply obeyed.

What are you most proud of?

What was the last thing you gave away?

Clean, bare and pure she can do no more.

He eases her into his arms to carry her off.

A heated bath with silken bubbles

awaited her.

He delicately undressed her

every muscle in her body ached.

No longer able to hold on to the emotion

in this water what was known

now breaks.

Soft whispers, soothing music and candlelight now invade her void.

What part of your body is most sensitive to touch?

How often do you find time for yourself?

The next morning she was pampered,

a feast brought to her in bed.

There in a fresh light,

Opened blinds exposed the work she had completed.

A proud smile upon their faces as they laughed in delight.

Helping her into clothing

His gentle kisses embraced her completely

What was/will be your most intimate moment?

What do you love most about yourself?

To the Garden where she will sit

He being her Sir.

He shall plant the flowers.

First choice is of the Gardenia shrub

with rich aromatic flavor filling their sense of scent.

To the row of Wisteria hanging over vine.

The dotted roses of yellow, crimson, and white.

Daisies, hibiscus, and jasmine will grow in time.

Their garden was now planted and complete.

What is most sacred to you?

What is one thing you can’t replace?

Near his love again, their eyes met.

Adoring the beauty of their creation.

Falling into their kissing hour

in the arms of the other, he asked,

What are you holding behind your back?

Silently she extended a close fisted hand.

Opening slowly to Him,

she exposed a thorn.

What is symbolic of the thorn?

Do you currently hold any?

Their lesson now complete.

They’ll discuss in beautiful detail

the true meaning of their garden

and what was learned.

Domination/submission is a loving consenting relationship between adults.  D/s is not about barking orders trying to intimidate someone in order to get your needs met.  Be safe…

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